External Board

Dr. Lauren Speeth holds an Advanced Computer Security Professional Credential from Stanford University, various postgraduate degrees in diverse disciplines, including a DBA and DMin, and lifetime Community College Teaching Credentials in three areas. She lends her expertise on other advisory boards, such as the Board of Regents of Saint Mary's College and the Board of Councilors of The Carter Center.

As CEO of Elfenworks "In Harmony With Hope", Speeth leads a team of technology advocates who are "working for hope in America, one good thought at a time." The team's expertise is deep and far-ranging, and includes multimedia outreach, computers and technology, music, film, management, the law, finance, education, human development, and social justice matters. The group implements projects in partnership with forward-thinking nonprofits in their efforts towards lasting, measurable, transformative change. This website is one of those projects; Speeth was a project manager and XML programmer during its development and launch. Another related project is the Collaboration for Poverty Research. The Elfenworks team has also developed various online resources and programs, including multilingual stress reduction visualizations for children, awards programs, awareness-raising efforts, and empowerment tools for nonprofits and citizens alike. A more complete listing of projects is available at elfenworks.org.

IRiSS External Board

The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality is a program within the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRiSS) and, as such, it shares the IRiSS external board.