Racial and Ethnic Income Inequalities

The Research Group on racial and ethnic inequality will be charged with tracking how the economic circumstances of U.S. ethnic and racial groups have evolved. It’s again extraordinary that a quite basic monitoring of the size of such racial and ethnic gaps is not regularly undertaken and has not been part of our standard set of social indicators. Although the size of these gaps is of course assessed from time to time, a more regular and standardized reporting is warranted in light of possible ongoing changes in the racial and ethnic distribution of incomes. The size of racial and ethnic income gaps may be changing, for example, by virtue changes in the spatial distribution of immigrants, in patterns of racial and ethnic intermarriage, in the extent of racial, ethnic, and immigrant discrimination, and in the extent of human capital investments by different racial and ethnic groups. The Race and Ethnicity RG will be led by C. Matthew Snipp (Former Director, Stanford Center for Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity).