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Activity: Fast Prototyping with Lego

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

On the spur of the moment of the current Singapore Polytechnic YCISL workshop, I created an activity to demonstrate (a) visualization of a product from raw material, (b) drawing a sketch of a product that someone else can interpret and understand, and (c) setting expectations when the designer and builder are not the same person.

So, each person was asked to grab a handful of assorted LEGO® pieces and lay it out in front of them. Without manipulating any of the pieces, they had to sketch on a large Post-it® something that could be built with the pieces. They had 3 minutes. Without telling them earlier, I then had them pass the pieces and sketch to the person to their right. Each person then had 4 minutes to build the model from the sketch. Next, the model was passed back to the person on the left and we observed reactions.

On the youth level, this was a demonstration about expectations and being part of a multi-step process. Sometimes, not everything will be under your control.