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Idea: The Résumé and the Art of Storytelling Your Personal Story

Monday, December 14th, 2020

Over the years, the Emotional Intelligence topic in YCISL workshops has developed into a 3-part exercise feature called Your Personal Story. Inspired by Satoru Iwata’s 2005 GDC Keynote speech opening, we have also had add-ons involving creative business cards and LinkedIn profiles. In 2021, we plan to roll out a résumé-focused activity where the student builds a résumé entry that reflects their YCISL workshop gains.

The résumé is a weak part of most people’s personal story. Areas of weakness may be in the substance, style or flow. While many résumés are scanned by computing systems looking for keywords, the best opportunities are usually from person-to-person contact. And at the interview stage, that narrative in the résumé is going to come back into play. This is where feedback loops are an essential part of résumé preparation – and these feedback loops vary widely in quality. I heard recently that some school counselors do not recommend their students to get feedback from anyone but them. Job security. I understand. Students who hire private counselors may feel that their résumé could not get any better since their résumé was written by a professional. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? Parents: encourage your child to maintain a résumé. Help them make a start and keep it updated. If your child is already in high school and has not yet started a résumé, do it now.

Our prototype for workshop résumé entry crafting will involve having the students submit a résumé before the workshop start, and use an entry-building template at the workshop end to attain the entry. The template would be in a quick-start style and students would tailor the intermediate to fit-to-suit the original résumé.

Our purpose of adding this activity to YCISL workshops is to remind students of the real value they are gaining from their workshop experience. It will be an outcome to remember.