Viewing Education as a Parent

One of the things that I am able to do is look at education from more perspectives and with more experience than most people. I have been in an educational setting for all but a few years of my life – as a student and an educator. I would also add the perspective I gained as a science fair judge. I also have been viewing education from an involved parent perspective – all the way from pre-school to university. Pulling together my thoughts on education has been one of the main drivers for me developing the YCISL. In this entry, I form a compare and contrast perspective on education.

Like most things, education is average and that is what it aims for. In a broad generality, educational quality seems to be stretched out along a gaussian distribution with a peak mostly around the middle (I am not stating this as a fact, more of a likelihood based on personal observation). And I am not referring to just the US educational system but inclusive of all education around the world. If one isolated just the US, I would also guess that it would have its own gaussian distribution (i.e., bell curve too but perhaps shifted along the x-scale).

An interesting dynamic though is that the distribution isn’t just ordinarily diffusive with socioeconomic forces at play, but there are temporary forces that push the quality up and down. One current up-pushing force is the budding growth of online content providing supplementary learning and reinforcement opportunities; this force will continue as we try to figure out how to make it better and format it for better learning. One down-pushing force is the emphasis on flat standards.

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