A Model for a Well-Being YCISL Workshop

I recently had discussions with two parties interested in the YCISL program. One was with a group of high school administrators/teachers concerned with student wellness and well-being; this ties in with the mindful aspect presented in YCISL workshops by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu. The other discussion was with the President of a Teen Volunteer organization who offers philanthropic activities for youth; I have had previous communications on philanthropic lessons through YCISL. As an exercise, I have “prototyped” a model for a prospective well-being workshop and it adds philanthropy as an additional layer to the underlying platform of the workshops. This model selects four main emphasis areas, each of which uses a pair or triplet of sub-topics to demonstrate the emphasis area. Each sub-topic is a skill element and demonstrable by a workshop activity, exercise or discussion. The emphasis areas are intended for reflection and performance evaluation. Put together, this model should promote development of “Your Personal Story.”


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