Thoughts: New Year, New Resolutions & Change

Welcome to 2019!

An article in The Straits Times on December 28, 2018 titled “10 Tips for a Better Year” by Neen James reminded me that it was that time of year again when there would be a wave of self-improvement advisories. About how to approach making resolutions and keeping them. Another article “You say you want a New Year’s resolution…?” by Jamie Robertson on BBC News on January 2, 2019 further reminds us how most resolutions are short-lived – on the order of days.

Among the ten tips given by James, here are my three favorites within the YCISL context:

Know Your Priorities. For youth (especially pre-teen), priorities are often set by parents, teachers or other adults. So the challenge for youth is to be aware of their context given the surrounding priorities and pull together a set of personal priorities that connect. YCISL: Start with 3…and update as needed.

Surround Yourself with VIPs (Very Inspiring People). We know that your support network is critical to sustainable well-being. Can you think of 3 people who inspire you right now? Do you have the awareness and management skill to minimize the draining people around you? In YCISL, we like using select TED Talks for inspiration. For the 2019 workshop program, I am planning on leveraging Adora Svitak’s “What Adults Can Learn From Kids” TED Talk to inspire creativity and leadership through the form of “Quick-fire” projects focused on the classroom.

Make Time For Those You Care For. Caring often has a reciprocal effect. It elevates intrinsic motivation and feeds our sense of fulfillment. It is a perfect platform to train and apply our emotional intelligence because caring is sensitive to who and how.


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