YCISL Team Project: The _________ Guide for _________

Had an idea for a team project theme.

The general idea is for project teams to ideate, develop and launch a guide. The users will be defined as part of the problem-setting stage and will help define the EQ part of this project work. Hopefully, a project like this would bring in each of the EQ quadrants we introduce in the workshops.

I got this idea after spending quite some time on Yelp! today. Yelp! is just too general and pitted with low quality information from un-calibrated sources with uncertain biases.

So the initial idea was “The Dining Guide for Stanford Visitors” whereby teams would visit various eateries at Stanford and pull together a guide whilst developing content suitable for the intended audience.

But the same approach can be applied to other areas such as:

  • The Quad
  • The Stanford Bookstore
  • Transportation
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Entertainment
  • Cantor Museum
  • and so on

Teams will prototype the guide on up to 3 platforms then proceed to complete the project on just one. Platforms could be a phone/tablet app, a web site, a brochure, a book, a video, a podcast, a news article, and more…

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