Team Exercise: Newspaper/Newsletter Re-Design or Project Studio

Here is a platform from which we could (a) do the Redesign Challenge (incorporate a new section or reformat an existing section to involve a sustainability theme) or (b) do the Project Studio – something that the students could go back to their home school/university and publish. Remember that we want to make this more than an exercise – we want to have feasibility, efficacy and a solid chance at survival (ie, sustainable).

For the Redesign Challenge, students could perhaps take apart a newspaper or newsletter and put it back together in
a format they think would work better. They would also be challenged to incorporate a section with a sustainability theme. For the Project Studio, a student team could assign roles of a typical newsletter/newspaper staff and put together or redesign or create a new section for a newsletter/newspaper.

Most students should be familiar with what roles are involved in a newsletter or newspaper team, but here are a few:

(1) Editors (Chief, Managing, Section, Copy, Creative)
(2) Writers/Reporters (content creators?)
(3) Graphic & Layout Designers
(4) Advertising Executive
(5) Budget/Finance Executive
(6) Printing/Publishing Executive
(7) Distribution
(8) Technology Lead

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