Workshop Details

August 14-October 2, 2020 (August 15-October 3, 2020 IST)
Youth Creativity, Innovation & Sustainable Leadership Program
in Collaboration with E-Squared Learn with Leaders: New Ideas from the Inside (NIFTI), An SEWSS Seminar Series

A weekly seminar speaker series coupled with the SEWSS Scholars Program. Organized in collaboration with Learn with Leaders (E-Squared).

Venue: Online



The SEWSS Scholars Program is a feature of the Stanford Environmental & Water Studies Summer Program (SEWSS) designed for students with growing interests and expertise in environmental and sustainability. The program promotes multidisciplinary exploration through connections with real-world practitioners. In this collaboration with E-Squared, we will invite speakers from the SEWSS community to share their insights and experiences.

This adaptation of the SEWSS Scholars Program, called New Ideas from the Inside (NIFTI), created by the CSDGC YCISL for the collaboration with E-Squared, includes:

  • A series of weekly seminars
  • A group discussion following each seminar presentation
  • A workgroup session every two weeks to complete a challenge assignment.

This is an online activity using videoconferencing.

Visit the Learn with Leaders (E-Squared) web site for more information on this program.

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