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Information Security Office — Overview and Charter

The Information Security Office oversees the Stanford community's efforts to protect its computing and information assets and to comply with pertinent laws, regulations, and policies. The office reports to the university's senior management through the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer.


The Information Security Office ("ISO") is an independent department within Business Affairs. Although we work closely with IT Services and Administrative Systems, ISO is not part of their operations. If you need help with an operational issue such as account access, please contact the Help Desk. Students living on campus can get help from their Resident Computer Consultant (RCC).


The ISO's approach to security is more proactive than reactive, although we naturally give priority response to incidents that have institution-level impact or that require university-wide coordination. Our current focus is securing systems that affect a majority of the university, including central administrative systems and the campus data network. The ISO gives special priority to systems containing data classified as Prohibited or Restricted (see the Data Classification web page).

Security Information

The Secure Computing web site is where you can learn more about information security at Stanford, including links to training, policies, and guidelines. If you are in the School of Medicine, there is additional information at the IRT Security web site.

Physical Safety and Building Access

If you have an issue regarding anyone's physical safety, please contact the Department of Public Safety first. If it's an emergency, dial 9-911 from any campus phone, or 911 from any cell phone or off-campus phone.

If you are locked out of a building on campus, see the Building Access page for more information.

Incident Response

If you become aware of a breach of private data at Stanford or of a security issue regarding Stanford's computers or networking resources, contact the Information Security Office at:

Phone:+1 650 723 2911
Postal Mail: Stanford University
Polya Hall, Room 115
Stanford, CA 94305-4136

For emergency after-hours legal help, contact the Office of the General Counsel.

Security Awareness Video

You may have received an email asking you to watch our information security awareness video. This email is genuine as long as it directs you to to watch the video. The video isn't long, and there's a generous grace period in which you can watch it. After the grace period expires, access to Stanford Webauth sites will be blocked until you watch the video. So don't wait too long!

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