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The Stanford Gaming Society (SGS) exists to help gamers have fun playing games. It is your campus resource for table top role playing, live action role playing, collectible card games, strategy board games, and war games. Welcome aboard, and if you have any questions, please let us know! Thanks, and enjoy! If you have your own event, use the mailing list to let people know. SGS exists to help people enjoy themselves by playing as many fun games as possible!

You can learn more about the types of games the SGS plays here.


All Gaming Society events are organized and announced through the mailing lists. You can join the general mailing list here or by sending an email to gaming-society-join@lists.stanford.edu.

The Magic the Gathering department has a separate mailing list for casual play, drafting, and other variants. You can join by sending an email to gaming-mtg-join@lists.stanford.edu


The Stanford Gaming Society is open to anyone in the Stanford community. Come and join in the fun! We're friendly and open to all majors and degree programs, undergraduate or graduate. To see current events, please subscribe to the mailing list here.