Downloads and Audio Recordings

ILS Event Audio Recordings

1. November 19th, 2009: The Patriot Act, Warrantless Surveillance and Detention – Click Here to Listen
Event Details: Chip Pitts, SLS Lecturer in Law and Visiting Levin Center Fellow, discussed the domestic and international implications of the Patriot Act and the link between domestic and international human rights more broadly.


Student Resources

1. Stanford International Law Summer Internships Guide – Click Here to Download (Stanford ID Required)
Details: We’ve prepared a resource to help Stanford students looking abroad for legal internship opportunities this summer. SLS 2Ls, 3Ls, and LLM/JSD students who have worked at international NGOs, international criminal courts, and law firms overseas shared information about their organizations and experiences. We encourage you to contact those students whose internships you might be interested in.

2. International Law Faculty and Advanced Degree Student Biographies – Click Here to Download
Details: Get to know the Stanford faculty members who teach courses related to international law! This packet contains biographies and research interests for 13 professors who came to the 2009 Annual International Law Faculty Dinner. It also contains biographies on the advanced degree international students here at Stanford.

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