Participation Fees

SIPP 2019 Participation Fees

Within one week of receiving your acceptance letter via email, you must email to state how you intend to make payments for the participation fee. Payments for SIPP can only be accepted via wire transfer, check, or credit card. You will then receive an invoice for the total amount due, which includes instructional fees, room, and board for the three weeks on Stanford University’s campus.

From the invoice date, you must pay at least half of your total fees within 6 weeks in order to reserve their spot. The remainder of your balance will be due May 1, 2019.

For applicants accepted after May 1, 2019, 100% of your payment must be made within 3 weeks of acceptance.

For students who are enrolled full-time and paying tuition at a college or university during the spring of 2019 who will not have received the degree that they are pursuing at the end of that quarter/semester, the participation fee is $3,500. For participants who do not belong to this category, the participation fee is $5,100.

We do not offer any scholarships or financial assistance to SIPP attendees. International students are cautioned that there might be additional fees (such as visa fees) and expenses associated with participation in this program depending upon individual circumstances. Please make your summer plans carefully and investigate all aspects thoroughly in order to avoid unplanned expenses.

For more details about international travel to attend SIPP, please email the SIPP team at

SIPP 2019 Housing and Meal Fees

All participants in SIPP are required to live on the Stanford campus. This year, housing will be in Stanford dorms.

Each participant will share a bedroom with one, two, or three other people of the same sex. Bathrooms will be shared with more people. Each large bathroom serves residents of multiple dorm rooms.

There is a possibility that Stanford may be able to secure a small number of bedrooms that would accommodate only one person per room. These rooms would be more expensive.

If you are interested in paying the higher fee to have a single bedroom all to yourself, please let us know by email. If we are able to offer you a single room, you may accept the offer or decline it at the time it is offered to you.

For people sharing a bedroom, the total cost of room and meals would be: $2,800.00.

For people in a bedroom by themselves, the total cost of room and meals would be: $3,300.00

The above prices include the cost of the room and of all meals. Meals for SIPP participants include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all full days during SIPP. The first meal served in the dining hall will be breakfast on Monday, August 5. The last meal provided will be dinner on Friday, August 24.

Meals will be served in the dining room of a dorm and will included a wide selection of nutritious options.

Meal cards will be provided to participants at check-in and must be presented to the cashier at the dining hall at the time of each meal. Breakfast will be approximately at 8:00 AM; lunch will be approximately at 12:00 PM; and dinner will be approximately at 6:00 PM (you will be told exact times for each meal at a later date).

Unused meals are forfeited and cannot be used at a later date.

No dining hall meal will be available to SIPP participants at the times of two SIPP special event meals (the opening dinner, the closing dinner).

Other Costs

You will be required to pay a fee of $200 if you lose the key to your dorm room or if you fail to turn the key in at the end of your stay. To avoid this fee, you must follow the rules of key return: you must hand your key personally to an authorized member of the Stanford Housing Staff or put it in a designated key box at the conference services office.

You will be required to pay $15 if you lose your meal card.


Stanford reserves the right to cancel SIPP 2019 and refund all fees paid if an insufficient number of people apply to participate.