Mykel Kochenderfer
Decision making under uncertainty
Ransalu Senanayake
Postdoctoral Scholar
Safe interactions of autonomous systems (Toyota)
Amir Maleki
Postdoctoral Scholar
Safe imitation learning, dynamic modeling, and validation (DARPA/Allstate)
Di Wu
Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar
Transfer learning and environmental sustainability applications
Alex Koufos
Software Engineer
Autonomous driving software (Toyota)
Rachael Tompa
Ph.D. Candidate
Dynamic air traffic rerouting during commercial space launches (FAA)
Jeremy Morton
Ph.D. Candidate
Recurrent neural networks for driving models (Ford/NSF)
Kyle Julian
Ph.D. Candidate
Aircraft collision avoidance (FAA/NASA/Intel)
Maxime Bouton
Ph.D. Candidate
Monte Carlo tree search and driving (Honda)
Andrea Zanette
Ph.D. Candidate
Approximation in reinforcement learning
Edward Balaban
Ph.D. Candidate

Health-aware decision making (NASA)

Jayesh Gupta
Graduate Student
Policy gradient methods (Army)
Patrick Slade
Ph.D. Candidate
Bayesian reinforcement learning (NSF/Toyota)
Chelsea Sidrane
Ph.D. Candidate
Safety and verification in deep learning (DARPA)
Kunal Menda
Ph.D. Candidate
Lifelong learning (DARPA)
Kyle Brown
Ph.D. Candidate
Warehouse robotics (Siemens)
Masha Itkina
Ph.D. Candidate
Probabilistic perception models for automated driving (Ford)
Xiaobai Ma
Ph.D. Candidate
Automated driving simulation and control (SAIC)
Shushman Choudhury
Ph.D. Candidate

Dynamic multimodal path planning (Ford)

Jean-Raymond Kono
Ph.D. Candidate

Deep reinforcement learning for adaptive illumination

Anthony Corso
Ph.D. Candidate
Integrated scientific discovery using model process induction
Duncan Eddy
Ph.D. Candidate
Satellite sensor planning
Raunak Bhattacharyya
Ph.D. Candidate

Automotive driving models (Toyota)

Mark Koren
Ph.D. Candidate

Adaptive stress testing of automated vehicles

John Mern
Ph.D. Candidate
Hierarchical reinforcement learning (Army)
Chris Lazarus
Ph.D. Candidate
Safety of autonomous systems (GE)
Sheng Li
Ph.D. Candidate

Aircraft collision avoidance in ultra-dense airspace (Airbus)

Oriana Peltzer
Ph.D. Candidate
Multiagent scheduling, planning, and control (Siemens)
Soyeon Jung
Ph.D. Candidate

Terminal airspace modeling (LL)

Mery Toyungyernsub
Ph.D. Candidate
Imitation learning
Arec Jamgochian
Graduate Student
Planning under uncertainty for haptics
Tomer Arnon
Graduate Student
Neural network verification
Sydney Katz
Graduate Student
Urban air mobility (Airbus)
Michael Thompson
Graduate Student
Deep neural network models of behavior (Lincoln)
Joe Vincent
Graduate Student
Formal methods for verifying neural networks (DARPA)
Kyle Hatch
Deep reinforcement learning
Matthias Untergassmair
Visiting Graduate Student (ETH Zurich)
Automated driving under uncertainty (Ford)
Tommy Tram
Visiting Graduate Student (Chalmers)
Autonomous driving in complex situations (WASP)