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International Law and Conflict Resolution
Winter 2006

globe icon Editor's Foreword
By Editor In Chief
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Promoting Imbalance
Dispute Settlement under the World Trade Organization
By Gillian Reynolds

globe icon SAARC
Ineffective in Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia
By Raghav Thapar
globe icon Understanding the Executive Branch's Use of International Law in the War on Terrorism
By Vijay Sekhon
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Unsurpassable Trenches
Romania's Diplomatic Battle, 1943–1944
By Sebastian I. Burduja

globe icon Humanitarian Intervention and Relational Sovereignty
By Dr. Helen Stacy
globe icon Indian Federalism and the Conduct of Foreign Policy in Border States
State Participation and Central Accommodation since 1990
By Rafiq Dossani and Srinidhi Vijakumar
globe icon Reflections from Abroad
Letters from our International Correspondents
By Love, Jonas, Liptsin, Salisbury, and Lamb
globe icon Reforms
An Interview with Stephen Stedman
By Staff