Journal Staff
Information for prospective staff members may be found at the bottom.


Editors in Chief Benjamin Lei and Isabella Fu
Layout Editor Audrey Solomon
Managing Editor Citlalli Sandoval
Business Editor Marķa del Carmen Barrios
Webmaster Raiyan Khan
Section Editors Ariella Axler, Jamie Kim, Noelle Herring, Sophie Wiepking-Brown, Tony Liu
Associate Editors Adrian Bonifacio, Alisha Adam, Amanda Zerbe, Anthony Degani, Haley Ketterer, Hannah Long, Laura Conigliaro, Nellie Stoeckle, Peter Pham, Rosalynn Emberton, Shelley Xu
Editorial Advisor Prof. Judith Goldstein

Editors in Chief Emeritus Haim Zaltzman, Justine Fisher, Rachel Rosenthal, Jason Chen, Milessa Muchmore, Krishanu Sengupta, Joshua Bogus, Christine Kim, Esther Yu, Tommy Tobin, Paul Craft, Otis Reid, Adrienne Bryan, Farbod Faraji, Katie White, Mitul Bhat, Amanda McFarlane

Join our Staff

If you are interested in joining The Stanford Journal of International Relations, please email Benjamin Lei.

The Stanford Journal of International Relations staff includes undergraduate students of all majors who are excited about international affairs. We invite motivated student volunteers to join our weekly meetings. It is also possible to take IR Journal as a one-unit class, as listed in the International Relations department.