Global Aging: An Editorial Welcome

We welcome you to the Spring 2013 issue of the Stanford Journal of Public Health, a biannual undergraduate publication that seeks to connect the enthusiastic, widely distributed public health community at Stanford by encouraging scholarly discussion of today’s most pertinent public health issues. In this issue, our staff focused on the theme of Global Aging. Advances in science and technology are causing a fundamental shift … Continue reading Global Aging: An Editorial Welcome

Genetic Testing: The Future of Healthcare?

Nicole Dalal In an age of rapid technological development and innovation, genetic testing is one modern biomedical advancement that has incredible potential. Patients can opt to have genetic testing for late-onset diseases, including breast and ovarian cancer, familial adenomatous polyposis, and Huntington’s disease[i]. In these cases, genetic testing can be used to identify diseases before symptoms manifest themselves through the use of direct DNA analysis, … Continue reading Genetic Testing: The Future of Healthcare?