Meet the Staff

Melodyanne Cheng, Editor-in-Chief

Melodyanne Cheng is a graduate student in Comparative Medicine from San Diego, CA. Her passions in neuroscience, health equity, & community health drew her towards understanding human health from both a sociocultural perspective and a biological one. At Stanford, she works on addressing health disparities in the primarily low income, underresourced patient community served by Ravenswood Family Health Clinic in East Palo Alto.

Abigail Zuckerman, Experience Section Co-Editor

Kim Ngo, Experience Section Co-Editor

Kim is a junior studying Computer Science interested in the intersection between computer science and public health, particularly with medical databases. She derives an immense amount of joy from reading nonfiction anthologies, programming, and spending time with her dog.

Cosima Justus, Experience Associate Editor

Cosima is a sophomore from Berlin, Germany with an interest in mathematics and creative writing. Her interest in journalism and healthcare led her to SJPH.

Anima Shrestha, Investigation Section Co-Editor

Anima is a junior from Lilburn, Georgia majoring in Human Biology, and she is interested in spreading medical care and knowledge across the world. She is passionate about justice and advocacy, which has led her to working as a Nepali interpreter at the Stanford Law School’s Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, as well as being on the ASSU Disability Advocacy Committee. Today, she is very excited to bring different perspectives and voices in public health together through SJPH. In her spare time, she dances on the Stanford Bhangra team, works as an EMT at RockMedicine, and sings along (badly) to the radio.

Janice Zhang, Investigation Section Co-Editor

Janice is a junior studying Human Biology interested in global public health and epidemiology. She is currently doing research in the Department of Cardiothroacic Surgery at the School of Medicine and volunteers at a local Women’s Rehabilitation Center. In her free time she enjoys running, swimming, and trying new food. She is excited to work with SJPH and hear new perspectives on public health.

Sophia Fay, Investigation Associate Editor

Derek Chen, Policy Section Co-Editor

Derek is a sophomore from Portland, Oregon who is interested in understanding healthcare disparities within vulnerable populations and how healthcare can be utilized as a vehicle for socio-economic mobility. He has conducted research on healthcare access barriers experienced by high-deductible health plan enrollees, and enjoys exploring the intersections between healthcare and social determinants of health. In his spare time, Derek enjoys reading, listening to music, baking, and binge watching Korean dramas.

Pretom Shome, Policy Section Co-Editor

Rachel Kim, Policy Associate Co-Editor

Rachel is a freshman from Seoul, Korea and Orange County, California, and she is planning on studying Economics and Political Science. She is interested in health care ethics and justice, civil rights, and gun violence prevention. She is a health care research assistant at the Center for Deliberative Democracy, and is involved in Stanford in Government. In her free time, she likes to run, hike, dance, and sing!

Grace Rabinowitz, Policy Associate Co-Editor

Grace is a sophomore studying Human Biology interested in developing policy interventions to improve human health. She’s spent time shadowing a natural healer in Costa Rica, lobbying for pro-girls’ education legislation on Capitol Hill, and volunteering at Stanford’s free clinic. She is passionate about increasing representation of women in STEM, smoothies, and her cat, Bubbles. 

Jana Kholy, Research Section Co-Editor

Sharon Huang, Research Section Co-Editor

Sharon is a current freshman at Stanford and an undeclared major. In her free time, she likes to read medical articles, sing in the shower, and fence.

Alex Maben, Research Associate Editor

Alex is a junior studying Biomedical Computation with interests in bioinformatics, food/nutrition systems, cellular/molecular biology, public health issues, and science education. He has experience in wet-lab plant biology research and curriculum development. He joined SJPH as a Policy Associate Editor in 2016, and transitioned to the Research division for 2017-18. SJPH combines his love for writing with his passion for connecting people to cutting-edge science. Alex is also involved as an event-planner in the Stanford Biomedical Engineering Society, a webmaster & field-volunteer in the Stanford Farmers, and a Health Advocate in the Stanford SHARED Emergency Department program. In his spare time, he likes to bike, hike, cook, read, and garden.

Harika Kottakota, Layout Editor

Harika is a sophomore majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with minors in Human Rights and Global Studies. Harika is a research assistant in the Keith Van Haren Lab exploring translational science, and works with the Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Program. Harika is also an avid poet involved in the Pegasus Physicians Writers Group at Stanford Medical School. Harika additionally serves on the Student Advisory Board for the Handa Center for Human Rights and for Stanford’s Global Health Student Council.

Daria Lenz, Layout Associate Editor

Melodyanne Cheng, Website Manager

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