Thank you for helping Stanford janitor Karina Reyes fight her unjust termination! ABM has agree to let her keep her job with back pay for the time that she was terminated! We will be having a party to celebrate our victory Thursday 2/11 12:00-1:00pm in El Centro Chicano. Please come!

"My name is Karina Reyes. Before being fired unjustly by my employer, ABM, I was the only provider for my family in Mexico. With the wages that I earn, I am able to provide for my mom and my two siblings. Now that I have no job, I do not know what they will do. In two years of cleaning Terman for ABM, I had a perfect work record until now. I should not have been fired. Please help me by signing the petition. Thank you for listening to a little of my life."

Statement from the Stanford Labor Action Coalition:
Karina worked at Stanford through ABM, a janitorial subcontractor. While cleaning offices, Karina connected her cell phone to a Stanford computer to charge. ABM suspended and then fired her for touching the computer, claiming that Stanford had requested this. However, Stanford says that it never asked for her dismissal. Moreover, the owner of the computer asked that Karina not be fired.

We stand with Karina Reyes. We demand that ABM rescind her termination and pay back wages for the time that she was unfairly prevented from working.

1648 people have signed the petition.

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William TarpehStudent
Jessica Leestudent
Long NguyenStudent
Lauren SmithStudent
Laci DavisStudent
ChristopherStanford Undergraduate
Kirsten OrnelasStudent
Tony CunUndergraduate
Ifeanyi Ulasi-OnyejiUndergraduate
Lucas ManfieldStudent
Janae GrijalvaStudent
Alex HarwinStudent
Yvorn AswadStudent
Sammy AAlumnus
Dwight V MooreB.S. 1967
Josefine KvistStudent
Diana HuynhStudent
Michael SantosStudent
Kendra Allenbystudent
Jackie BasuStudent
Thomas Youngstudent
James DoStudent
Pasha Feinbergundergrad
Leen Badr-El-Dinstudent
Brendan AppoldStudent
Kristin Stannardstudent
Delamon RegoStudent
Leah Godinetstudent
Raven Jackson-StoneStudent
Dawn HoStudent
Joanna Ingebritsenstudent
Jeffrey Schwimerstudent
Janise OnStudent
Denise JohnsonStudent
Ying Chenstudent
Maria BarthStaff
claire torchianastudent
Kyle WongStudent
Herwin IcasianoUndergraduate in Communication
Casandra EspinozaUndergraduate
Neekaan OshidaryUndergraduate
Chase HarmonStudent
Diana GarityStudent
Bess SiegfriedCo-term
Justine CorellaStudent
Ulysses Rosasstudent
Jennifer WangStudent
Arelys VilledaStudent
Mia Shawstudent
Moses GonzalezStudent
Brianna GriffinUndergrad
Maya GhosnUndergraduate Student
Ming YanStudent
Lucy LitvakStudent
Cheri DijamcoStudent
Alexei PesicStudent
Tara Adiseshanstudent
Devin LeeUndergraduate
Gabriella DurangoMECHA
Alexei DunawayStudent
Alissa HaberStudent
Prasanna VasudevanStudent
Jenna Gundersonstudent
Allen RobertsStudent
Oscar RomeroStudent
Lila KalafStudent
Trac DangUndergraduate
Hannah Belitzstudent
Lisa YangStudend
Alvin AddoStudent
Chase IshiiCurrent Student
Julio DelgadoStudent
Caitlin RuggUndergrad
Anais BerlandUndergraduate
Zachary WettsteinStudent
Claire AbrahamUndergraduate
Adrienne Gispenstudent
Becca SiegelStudent
Timothy TamUndegraduate
Lilly OhStudent
Andrea ChavezStudent
David KravitzStudent
Alex RStudent
Michael P. PredmoreProfessor
Sarah ChangStudent
Corinna Wallacestudent
Savannah GonzalesStudent
Natalie CarpenterStudent
Pamela ChuaStudent
shan student
Luis Landeros Student Class of 2010
Ben Arnsteinstudent
Jake ZellerStudent
Alejandro ArguetaProspective Student/ Sibling of Current Student
Kyle CraftStudent
Erikka MorenoStudent
Andrew LoStudent
Kelly Bonney-Achestudent
Christina Michstudent
Emin TopalovicStudent
Maggie SachsStudent
Osman Mendozastudent
Matt Sheehanstudent
Marisa Garcia FuentesGraduate Student
nica langingerstudent
Sharon ZengUndergraduate
Christine KimFreshman
amanda linstudent
Morgan FullerStudent
Roxie DickinsonStudent
Jacob JolisFreshman
Richard SajorUndergraduate
Alison FongStudent
Thomas JosephStudent
April Kateri Chavezundergraduate
Thomas HendeeStudent
Angelica AcostaStudent
Jesse Krompierstudent
Jessica WardClass of 2013
Kay WilliamsStudent
Amy ChenStudent
Amanda SchwabStudent
Tiffani AndersonRecent Alumna
MattUndergraduate Student
Ricky DavilaStudent
Joseph BinneyStudent
Marianne LeVineStudent
Maria-Ines CarreraUndergraduate
Nisha PatelCurrent Student
Tim LuoStudent
Manus McCafferyStudent
Jennifer LeeUndergraduate Student
Teddy BowersStudent
Mia ArreolaAlumni
Valery AvdeenkoUndergraduate student
Alberto GuzmanStudent
Michael Hammersleyundergraduate
Jose Aztatl Garzacommunity supporter
Emily BooksteinStudent
Rosey NeillStudent
Marcia Levitanstudent
Francisco CaiStudent
Josie LinkStudent
Stephanie H.student
Spencer StamatsStudent
Neveen MahmoudStudent
Ravneet UberoiStudent
Tenyia LeeUndergraduate
Matthew RiosStudent
Rachel HamburgStudent
Benjamin Wheelerstudent
Rebecca Aierstudent
Clare Constantinestudent
James Maxwell HawesJunior
Javier FresquezUndergraduate Sophomore
Jennifer N. PittmanStudent
Autumn Albersstudent and Habla tutor
Luke WirthUndergrad
Lindsey Smithstudent
Emily Deffnerstudent
Waddie CrazyHorseStudent
Edgar Astudent
Helen HelfandUndergraduate
Mark FangStudent
Jilliane Bruffeystudent
jennifer kimstudent
Pedro GonzalezUndergraduate
Naikhoba Munabistudent
ana GuerraStudent
Joshua ValdezUndergraduate
Joel W. DuBrayStudent
Doris Student
Arielcurrent student
Amy XueUndergraduate
Marco BeltranStudent
Fannie WatkinsonUndergraduate
Stephanie VezichStudent
Aparna SurendraUndergraduate Student
Teddy LeeStudent
Ana SanchezUndergrad
Kristin Schmitzstudent
Gen Del RayeStudent
Amanda ZhangUndergraduate
Priscilla Serranostudent
Fiona AngelUndergraduate Student
Erin ParkerStudent
Henry TsaiUndergraduate
Magdalena Teresa AnchondoStudent
Karen NesbittStudent
Brian LumpkinsStudent
Daniel Khalessiundergraduate
Irteza Binte-FaridStudent
Jemianne bautistaStudebt
Charles SymsUndergraduate
Max Sosna-Spearundergraduate
Kumi HodgeStudent
Alex KrimkevichStudent
Hanni Hansonundergraduate
Linda NguyenUniversity Student
Margot Hedlinstudent
Gabrielle Goodlinstudent
Spencer Castroundergraduate
Megan HansleyUndergraduate Student
Sean MandellStudent
Devan BurkeStudent
Bianca Moralesstudent
Vignan PattamattaClass of 2011
Byron MilliganStudent
Sidney LeStudent
Harjus BirkUndergraduate
Noel Cstudent
Ashleigh RoseUndergraduate Student
Boah Kwonstudent
Nicholas TurnerStudent
Luke GeorgetteStudent
Elisa ZhangUndergraduate
Sarah LummisUndergraduate
Austin Lunnystudent
Yang DingStudent
Brian BulckeStudent
Tom KozlowskiUndergraduate
Ariel Jamesundergrad
Katherine NeubauerUndergraduate
Siddharth DamaniaStudent
Iris student
Brendan GreggUndergraduate
Atziry GutierrezStudent
Silvanus LeeStudent
Harya Tarekegnalumni
K. GimreStudent
Jenny WongStudent
Allison LopezStudent
Alok Vaid-MenonStudent
Emma SedivyStudent
Othman OuenesStudent
SmitaUndergraduate Student, Biology
Jeremy LaiStudent
Edgar FloresStudent
susan bryukhanovstudent
Sam GargStudent
Stephanie Morrison Student
Ben Casement StollStudent
Daniel MattesStudent
Hannah Bernsteinundergraduate
Sheel TyleStudent
Brittany Wheelockundergraduate
Shara TonnStudent
Colin GrayStudent
Baljinnyam DashdorjStudent
Roman GyselPostdoc
Kate Student
Peiley LauStudent
M. LeeUndergraduate
Elizabeth KStudent
Harry SpitzerUndergraduate
Steph ByrneStudent
Tyler MabryStudent
Lionel VitalStudent
Monica AlcazarUndergraduate
Maiyer VangUndergraduate
Matthew GebreUndergraduate
Meghan Bstudent
George MichopoulosFreshman
Sara TimtimUndergraduate
Lisa JamesStudent
Andrew DaoStudent
Edgar GonzalezStudent
Jackie ChuStudent
Ellie AshUndergraduate
Keren Mikvastudent
Katherine ChenStudent
Shannon MoskitisUndergraduate
Naomi ShachterStudent
Mandy SaStudent
Cuauhtzin RangelUndergraduate
Eileen WrightStudent
Ben Jensenstudent
Leslie WuCurrent graduate student
Chinh TranStudent
Benjamin JensenStudent
Courtney KhademiStudent
Annika Alexander-OzinskasBS Earth Systems 2010
Hari Rai KhalsaUndergraduate
Kevin MillerUndergraduate
Sabrina PolStudent
Albert MartinezUndergraduate
Vasant Ramachandranstudent
Matt BushStudent
Claire WoodardUndergraduate Student
Kelly Lacobstudent
John LindsayUndergraduate
Patricia Benitezundergraduate
Hannah CoryStudent
Madeline DuhonUndergraduate
Tyler TrujilloStudent
Vinh BuiUndergraduate
Moustafa KharoutaStudent
Kevin RobertsUndergraduate Student
Emma PiersonStudent
Shira StitesStudent
Frances WehrweinStudent
Fabiola Camachostudent
Alicia Kriewallstudent
Sammie SachsStudent
Ariana Hoytundergraduate
Rahwa GebreStudent
Iris Clayterstudent
Jonathan Potterstudent
Anand Habibundergraduate
Jabari Nyombastudent
Adriana MiuStudent
Joanna Tustudent
Sam KingComputer Science Student
Lily Kornbluthstudent
Scotty korotkinStudent
Ally HaStudent
Atzimba ParraStudent
Abby HowardStudent
Juan DominguezStudent
Katrina MendozaStudent
Aurora Victoria Herrera DavidStudent
Anna SotoStudent
Taylor PhillipsStudent
Kelly Nguyenstudent
Kevin HoUndergraduate Student
Alison BlochStudent
Elaine PattenStudent
Laura C.Student
Farah Wehebastudent
Jocelyn KoStudent
Will LindemannStudent
Will McLellarnstudent
Ashwin MudaliarGraduate Student
Jordan Limogesstudent
Frank FanStudent
Mai El-SadanyStudent
Norma BonillaStudent
Alexander KosovichevSenior Research Scientist
Jamie Thaistudent
Simon WuStaff
Linda Y LeeClass of 2007
Melissa LuuStudent
Calvin TuongStudent
Akil SrinivasanGraduate Student
Chris RurikStudent
Mitul BhatUndergraduate
AlexStanford Undergrad
Lauren JanasUndergraduate
NoraStanford student
Jenna HaileyStudent
Lauren Swartzstudent
Kelly VicarsStudent
Aaron Franklstudent
Rohan BhobeStudent
saliou NdaoCurrent student
Chris Lightstudent
Caitlin TharpStudent
Jerry ZhouStudent
Sara E. CendejasSEtudent
Aya Inamoristudent
Rehan SyedStudent
Gobakwe MontshiwaStudent
Subith VasuMechanical Engineering
Albert Chuundergraduate
Adriana Escobarstudent
Ashley ArtmannStudent
Vanessa PatelStudent
Lauren LinsmayerStudent
Dana Yeostudent
Katie Cromackstudent
Carlos GuzmanStanford Undergraduate
Salina TruongStudent
Bianca Arguezaundergraduate
Spencer NamStudent
Jack BugasUndergraduate
Dustin A. JanatpourUndergraduate
Vineet SingalUndergraduate
Robert G. ThomasUndergraduate
Jeremy KlepnerUndergrad
David LempertLaw School
Shuvam KabirFreshman Undergraduate
Lauren BakerStudent
Briana SwetteStudent
Eugenia MalufStanford 2011
Meg Wilkinsstudent
Lilian ThaoxaochayCurrent Undergrad
Alexander DaoStudent
Ivy ReynagaUndergraduate Student: Human Biology Department
Ashli Carterstudent
Steven Sunamotoparent of Stanford student
Ivan JimenezUndergraduate
Jason SVStudent
Alison McInnisStudent
AmyAlumna and staff
Luke WigrenStudent
Claudia LopezStudent
Ruby LeeUndergraduate
Nabill IdrisiAlumnus
Mike WelchUndergrad
Diego ArguetaStudent (soph)
Michael CruzUndergraduate Senator
Vang XiongStudent
Edwin NavarroAlumnus & Staff
Ivy NguyenStudent
Rita Martinezstudent
Rachel KelleyStudent
Heather Robertsstudent
Salik SyedStudent
Jakki MartinezStanford '09
Zoe Levittalumna
Vivian WongUndergraduate
Donna PuyotStudent
Victoria YeeUndergraduate
Christina O'Nealstudent
Daniel Jachowskistudent
Akima Edwardsalum
Allen Huangstudent
Juan Carlos VillarrealStudent
Stoica Cristinel Popaundergraduate
Sarah MasimoreStudent
Julia Kayserstudent
Nguyen PhamThird Year Undergraduate
Andrea SlobodienStudent
Sasha NovisUndergraduate
Bharath SitaramanStudent
Javier PalomaresStudent
Christian VegaStudent
Ralph NguyenStudent
Willys DeVollUndergraduate
Linden Mootstudent
Elise Lopezstudent
Nina McMurryStudent
Aleema JamalStudent
Daniel LimonASSU Senate
Christina Fengstudent
Ashneel KumarStudent
Kim TruongStudent
Pamela Nichole PetersonStudent
Justina GraymanStanford University
Katie SullivanStudent
Shelby WilliamsStudent
Carolina JaramilloStudent
Michelle NeelyStudent
Cecilia CorralStudent
Shuqiao Songstudent
Adriana CamposStudent
Tina DuongUndergraduate Student
Lauren JohnsonStudent
Madison KawakamiStudent
Anne Silverparent
Sharon PrentifceHusband is an alumnus
Mónica HenestrozaAlumna
Anaya GondaStudent
Aimee Uwilingiyimanastudent
Kathryn FrankAlumna
Ariana AfsharStudent
Olivia IsaacStudent
Alex LarraveStudent
Kara PrenticeLived in Palo Alto my whole life
Helena Villalobosstudent
Kanya SiangliulueStudent
Aaron GraysonStudent
Kathleen JiaStudent
Eliana ArredondoStudent
Cristina ValdovinosAlumna
Gilberto JiménezStudent
Nereyda HurtadoResearch Assistant
Racquel EnadStudent
Rita Sandovalstudent
Joseph BurgStudent
lucia rodriguezstaff
Tara GuStudent
Alyssa LoStudent
Suraya OmarStudent
Katie NobleStudent
Charmaine TangonanStudent
Alexandra SalgadoStudent
Will LeeUndergraduate
Sarah GuanStudent
Adrian BonifacioStudent
Julian OkuyigaStudent
Sean FoormanStudent
Michael DuarteStudent
Yihwan KimStudent
Jacob NeighborsStudent
Kyle WarrenStudent
Walter HerringStudent
Sunnyundergraduate student
Gabriel Shields-Estradastudent
Camden MinervinoStudent
Shea Ritchiestudent
Jesus EspinozaStudent
Julie NaStudent
Karina PadillaUndergrad
Todd DaviesSymbolic Systems Program
Diana SolorioUndergraduate Student
Laura WaddenStudent
Raina Sunstudent
Gabrielle GuloStudent
Kendall Earlystudent
MagdalenaUndergraduate Student
Jolene Kokrokostudent
Eric DunnStudent
James MwauraStudent
Caitlin O'Briengraduate student
Gabriel GuimteUndergraduate Student
JOAN BerryCenter for Ethics in Society
Stephanie Sy Student
Cliff OwlStudent
Mayra Vegaundergraduate
Zaid AdhamiUndergrad/Coterm
Melissa AdaStudent
Jacqueline MendozaUndergrad
Max Halvorsonstudent
Adam Johnsonstudent
Rebecca GreenePh.D. candidate
Emma LaughlinLaw Student
Pasha NahassStudent
Alexander David AlvaradoUndergrad
Dilys SunStudent
Francisco RiordanStudent
Christina NguyenUndergraduate Student
Sandra RodriguezStudent
Daniel MathewsPh.D. Mathematics '09
Geoff BrowningCampus Minister
Ray ZStudent
Omar MedinaStudent
Brenda Oustudent
Rafael VasquezUndergraduate
Asmita KumarStudent
Cynthia HuynhUndergraduate Student
Erica NevilleStudent
Esteban LugardoStaff
Yi LuStudent
Vikas YendluriStudent
Devyn BrownStudent (SUSE); Alum '09
Edgar ChavezStaff/Alum
Cristal GarciaUndergraduate
Philippe BucFaculty (History)
Hayeon KimStudent
Adam KleinStudent
Ritvik MudurStudent
Robert CasgriffStudent
Julian JaravataStudent
Rob JohnsonStudent
Ada OcampoStanford
Eamonn CampbellStudent
Sylvia Peterson-PerryStudent
Forrest WhiteStudent
David St. GemeStudent
Chelsey RussellStudent
Anna AshStudent
Melissa MoralesAlumnae
Dae Hyun SongStudent
JiSoo ParkStudent
Rachel OhStudent
Edie ConstableStudent
Cesar Armando TorresUndergraduate Student
Adam HudsonUndergraduate Student - International Relations
Dave MitchellAlum '09
Cynthia Perezfreshman student
Christina Lioustudent
Lea Gee-TongStudent
Stephanie OtaniStudent
TC Robbinsstudent
Van Anh TranStudent
Robin ChinStudent
jack Brodystudent
Jason Carterundergrad student
Dagem MammoStudent
Mai LeUndergraduate student
Brad MoylanStudent
Cooper DawsonStudent
Liliane Hsucurrent undergrad student
Teresa NguyenUndergraduate Student
Surabhi NirkheStudent
Katie DuchschererStudent
Teresa Ortegaundergraduate student
Sonja Swensonundergraduate student
Aracely Mondragonstudent
Lisa LlanosAlumna
julio MojicaStudent
Amasia ZargarianStudent
Deborah RogersGraduate Student
Daniel MurrayPhD Student - Modern Thought & Literature
ErnestoStanford Labor Action alumnus
Stacy VillalobosStudent
Daniel WeissmanGraduate student

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