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About the Stanford Law School Mock Trial Program

The Stanford Law School Mock Trial program is an entirely student-run organization dedicated to trial advocacy training and competition. Our mission is to promote interest in trial advocacy and to provide students with the opportunity to develop a high level of trial proficiency while still in law school. The organization has been extremely successful in developing and training advocates capable of competing at the national level.

What Do We Do?

2005-6 Mock Trial President Rae Woods examines Aaron Thacker during competition in 2005.


The program fields teams in a variety of tournaments, including the AAJ National Student Advocacy Competition, the Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) Invitational National Trial Competition, the American Bar Association (ABA) National Mock Trial Tournament, and of course the Stanford Invitational. The program has enjoyed great success, including victories in regional AAJ and TYLA tournaments.

Stanford Invitational

Every year the Stanford Law School Mock Trial program hosts an invitational trial advocacy tournament, drawing teams from law schools as close as Boalt Hall to as far as Georgetown (DC) for more than twenty rounds of competition. The tournament is student-run and judged by local legal professionals.


Training student advocates is at the core of the Mock Trial program. The program puts on a variety of workshops every season including a full-day hands-on workshop presented by a federal judge and trial lawyers. Other workshop leaders have included a federal prosecutor, a public defender, civil litigators, current professors, and emeritus professors. Students are further given opportunities to develop within their teams through team practices, scrimmages, videotaped exercises, and interscholastic competitions.

2005 Television Performance Team members after appearing on Chinese TV in 2005.

Television Performance

Members of the team were selected to be part of a three-part news program on the "American Jury System" that will air in the Hunan province of China. The delegation from China visited the law school during July 2005 and interviewed several top legal scholars to learn more about how American courts operate. The mock trial program performed a one-hour trial stimulation for the journalists and news crews. Performers included Olga Kuskova, Joseph Ross, Rae Woods, and Ryan Brumberg. The mock trial was filmed by the Chinese television station and will be broadcast to a market of 1.2 billion viewers. We were thrilled to be able to showcase the excellent trial advocacy program sponsored by the law school!

What Do We Offer?

"I learned more about actually being a lawyer in one season of mock trial than the rest of my first year of law school."
-- Current team member

The Mock Trial program offers students the chance to experience trial advocacy and learn practical skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. Teams work together to develop skills at a high level in an entertaining and competitive setting. Students graduate knowing how to conduct themselves in a courtroom, how to argue persuasively, and how to respond to unexpected situations, as well as learning the mechanics and processes of examining witnesses and introducing evidence.


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