Stanford Law School Mock Trial

Current SLS Mock Trial Team Rosters


Todd Theodora

TYLA - "Team 1"
Second Place, 2010 National Trial Competition
Co-Champions, NTC Region 13

Samantha Bateman (Class of 2010)
Rachel Juarez (Class of 2010)
Rakesh Kilaru (Class of 2010)

TYLA - "Team 2"
Semifinalists, NTC Region 13

Kyle Maurer (Class of 2011)
Noah Sullivan (Class of 2011)
Josh Weddle (Class of 2010)

AAJ - "Team 1"
Second Place, AAJ Seattle Regional Tournament

Samantha Bateman (Class of 2010) - Captain
Beth Neitzel (Class of 2012)
Kevin Papay (Class of 2010)
Andrew Prout (Class of 2012)

AAJ - "Team 2"
Seventh Place, AAJ Seattle Regional Tournament

Marcos Rosales (Class of 2010)
Ashley Rogers (Class of 2012)
Libbey Van Pelt (Class of 2011)
Shanai Watson (Class of 2011)

At-Large Members

Paul Bagley (Class of 2011)
Jennifer Cain (Class of 2011)
Diana Conner (Class of 2012)
Sarah Edwards (Class of 2011)
Jane Farrington (Class of 2012)
Joe Giovanetti (Class of 2011)
Billy Jackson (Class of 2012)
David Kinsella (Class of 2012)
Wade Malone (Class of 2012)
Rachelle Orozco (Class of 2011)
Ashley Simms (Class of 2012)
Jordan Teti (Class of 2012)


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