2018 Nanoscience Summer Institute for Middle School Teachers

From June 25-28, 2018, 15 teachers attended our workshop at Stanford University. They were given opportunities to do hands-on experiments geared towards the classroom, facility tours, instrument demonstrations, and guest lectures. The workshop included more integrated teacher training through close collaborative effort with the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET).

Middle school teachers were be provided a stipend during the workshop and an additional stipend by implementing into their classroom. After the program, teachers showed a large shift in their confidence in understanding and teaching nanoscience, as well as an increase in excitement for teaching nanoscience curriculum.

“Thank you so much – great workshop balance of science content, lessons, activities, and teaching techniques with lesson plan time was so needed!”

“we did so much hands-on stuff & saw the cutting edge. i have practice activities and materials I can put into action right away!”

“we got to play AND learn!”