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We've included here a few examples of animations created by various researchers in different domains. Several of them include the .son file so you can regenerate the same movie. Please contact us if you have something for us to include.

NOTE: most of these are .MOV files and will reqiure the QuickTime viewer, and are all from 1 to 20 MB in size, so don't look at them over a dialup connection! In some cases an .AVI file is also included

Basic Examples

Some trivial examples for testing and demonstrating concepts. Includes the Sampson Monestary movie.

Dan McFarland's Classroom Networks

animated gif clip of classroom movie

Dan (one of SoNIA's authors) uses SoNIA to visualize the streaming data he has collected on classroom interactions. Can you guess which nodes are the teachers? ;-)

James Moody

Jim is one of the original collaborators on the SoNIA project, and has created a number of interesting visualizations, including the output from a simulation of social balance process.

SIENA team / Andrea Knecht

Simulated transition networks from Knecht Friendship Data generated by SIENA using parameters estimated from the data.

Ben Shaw

Ben Shaw's PhD dissertaion on Shared Representations in Collaborative Design Interaction explores semantic networks and interactions among people in a technical design team. He uses SoNIA in his analysis to present the animated networks alongside the video recordings of the interactions.

Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology


The Network Modeling Project at the University of Washington is using SoNIA to develop visualization techniques for dynamic network and infectious disease transmission models. This movie shows the output of a toy Exponential Random Graph Model (ERGM) with assortitive mixing and a very basic infection process built in statnet

Also, check out a presentation Dr. Morris gave to the NIH, include SoNIA animations of disease transmission processes

Football Passing Patterns

The Clueless Finn blog shows a SoNIA-generated movie of passing interactions among footbal players.

Paul Ingram

The Life of the Party website shows Paul Ingram's Columbia Business School work with social interaction (conversation proximity) networks recorded during a mixer party

Moving with Meaning movie

screen shot from netsci 06 submission

A movie showcasing some of the work done in SoNIA as submission to the netsci06 visualization contest showcasing several of the examples above. Also includes a nice animated intro explaining the visualization. More info here

Obesity Movie from New England Journal of Medicine

thumbnail of obesity movie

James Fowler used the SoNIA software to create an animated movie of the core of the social network in the Framingham Heart Study as part of a paper that came out in the New England Journal of Medicine.
The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network Over 32 Years (NEJM)

The story (that heavy people have heavy social contacts) has been all over the media and showed up in the Health section of the Paper of Record. Find Yourself Packing It On? Blame Friends

[original in high quality .mov format w/o voice over]