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Hart Project

From 1864 to 1869, Alfred A. Hart took 364 pictures along the line of the Central Pacific Railroad in order to help solicit investment in the railroad. Between 2008-2011, Jesse White will repeat Hart's journey taking photographs from exactly (or approximately) the same sites.

We invite you to repeat Hart's journey and see for yourself the changes made on the line and the landscape over the ensuing 150 years.

For Use

There are two ways to navigate through the Hart photos:

You can study the photo pairs sequentially here.

You can also explore them spatially . We've constructed the tour below as an introduction to the photos and the project. You can pause the tour at any time to explore a photo pair in more detail and read the contextual information hidden in the "About" section of each placemark. Please note that this feature is currently under construction.

Note: this is a prototype of the site, and we will be adding more photographs as time goes on.