Stanford University
Anna Halprin Dance Scores
Using California dance pioneer Anna Halprin’s collection as source material, the project seeks to update the keeping of choreographic processes and access new layers of meaning, understanding and choreographic possibilities around the ideas of experience, environment and community. This project is a collaboration with the Museum of Performance + Design in San Francisco. Founded in 1947, MP+D stands out as one of the largest archives on the performing arts in the nation. A highlight of its 3.5M item collection are Halprin's papers and rare choreographic scores.

We are exploring several possible avenues of digital intervention to expand the accessibility and interpretability of Halprin’s visual work and legacy. We are currently developing interactive online digital visualizations of choreographic scores allowing for exploration and analysis of these idiosyncratic, fragile, and unwieldy analogue materials—a tool that does not supplant the material object but extends and enhances it.

Spatial History