Custom Bioinformatics Tools Repository

The Spormann Lab's Custom Bioinformatic Tools Repository is a place for lab members and collaborators to share custom scripts and applications, preferably with source code, example input/output, explanation and instructions. The files can be posted to the page as downloadable attachments by clicking on the 'File attachments' button of the page creation menus (bottom).

 This should save some lab members lots of time, and help prevent against re-writing of algorithms for the same purpose. Please provide any instructions for citation and authorship acknowledgements in case your algorithm is used in work that leads to publication AND/OR is combined with one or more other algorithms in a larger application or pipeline. The goal is to share work for the benefit of all, not obfuscate authorship.

Use of any of the contributed files on this site constitutes an agreement that you will acknowledge the author's contribution in an appropriate fashion.


0 March 25, 2009