Spormann Lab Printing in BioX

Install print drivers:

Drivers for the two lab printers are currently saved at the following location on the file server:


There is a driver for Windows computer as well as Mac machines.

The HP Color Laser Jet (CP4525) print driver can also be downloaded from the page shown in a web browser at its network address (below).

The HP 4300 driver can also be downloaded from the HP support website by clicking the link, or by going to the HP support website itself (click here) and searching the model name (HP Laserjet 4300 dtn) or the model number (Q2434A).

The copier is quite powerful, and capable of scanning a large number of 1 or 2-sided documents. At the moment, only PCs have the ability to “talk” to the scanning function of the copier. Talk to Vannina Champenois about directly creating a scanned-pdf file using this method. For Mac users, use the fax machine in E282 to scan on a USB key.

Go to http://clark-it.stanford.edu/resources.htm for instructions about using other copiers/printers in the Clark Center, including the large poster printer.

You can check on the status of the printers remotely by web browser:

B/W HP Laserjet 4300dtn










Color Xerox Phaser 6250


Color Printer







Cannon Scanner/Copier








0 March 17, 2009