Spormann Lab Xserve Biocomputation Server (SP-XS)





The Spormann Xserve, SP-XS, lives in the E210 server room on the rack next to SP-FS. The main purpose of SP-XS is to perform large biocomputation jobs that are too large and time-consuming to run on the personal machines of lab members. Not only does this save time by keeping lab members' computers free, but in most cases SP-XS will perform the job many times faster.

Xserve operates on Mac OS X Server (Unix-based), and many of the bread-and-butter biocomputation programs are installed natively. For challenging or platform-specific programs that need alternative operating systems, SP-XS also runs a VMware virtual machine server, VMWare Fusion, that allows virtual installation of many other operating systems with very little overhead. Thus this server can run Windows-only programs as well as alternative distributions of Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X.

For further instructions and access, contact the Server Administrator.

0 March 23, 2009