In a relatively short period of time, both the Women’s and the Men’s Teams have become nationally competitive. The Women’s Team has acquired the varsity status since 2005, the first and only varsity team west of the Mississippi. Their national ranking has risen steadily to the top group of 8 nationally ranked teams. The increasing number of top recruit requests is a testament to the success of the program and the high quality of education offered at Stanford University.

The Men’s team remains a club team due to the constraints of Title IX. It is considered the nation’s top club squash program for the past few years and is competitive with the varsity programs in the top third of the national rankings.

Team members enjoy many benefits including top quality full time coaching, physical training, academic advising, national intercollegiate competition, travel, equipment, uniforms, and not least of all, forming life-long friendships and personal development. They also have the opportunity to give back to the community by participating actively in a community outreach program to bring kids from underserved communities to Stanford for a program that combines academic enrichment as well as squash.