Xtreme Squash

Xtreme Squash is an after-school enrichment program that combines the exciting sport of squash with innovative academic programming for middle school students, especially those who are from underserved neighborhoods. It was initiated in 2007.
Xtreme squash participants
Xtreme squash participants


The game of squash is highly aerobic, is easy to learn, and is fun for young people. The activity provides great health benefits, including physical and emotional well-being, in addition to other indirect benefits including learning, work ethic, and commitment, among others.


The academic component follows the concept of a mini-college. It includes the learning of a variety of subjects including the sciences, humanities, and business, among others. There will be a series of mini-classes emphasizing hands-on and interactive activities, including experiments and demonstrations. There will also be visits to various laboratories on the Stanford campus.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Improved physical and emotional health
  • Broaden horizons and interests, along with improving academic performance
  • Realize the rewards of hard work
  • Acquire personal values and goals through sportsmanship
  • Be more likely to stay in school and pursue higher education
  • Xtreme Squash - academics and squash for kids from underserved neighborhoods

The Program

  • Directed by coaches Mark and Nick Talbott, and TW Wiedmann, PhD.
  • Free to particpants
  • Run at Stanford University, under the instruction of the Stanford squash teams
  • Acceptance is competetive, based on academic performance, motivation, and athletic ability

Current Participants

  • 40 middle school students currently enrolled
  • Honor students from 3 Redwood City public schools