October 24, 2011

From Revolution Analytics: Webinar Series: Next Up "Scalable Data Analysis in R" Oct 26th, 10-11AM Pacific Time

Revolution Analytics would like to invite you to attend our 2011 Fall Webinar Series. Coming up Wednesday, October 26th is "Scalable Data Analysis is R", presented by Lee Edlefsen, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at Revolution Analytics.

For the past several decades the rising tide of technology -- especially the increasing speed of single processors -- has allowed the same data analysis code to run faster and on bigger data sets. That happy era is ending. The size of data sets is increasing much more rapidly than the speed of single cores, of I/O, and of RAM. To deal with this, we need software that can use multiple cores, multiple hard drives, and multiple computers. That is, we need scalable data analysis software.

R is the ideal platform for scalable data analysis software. It is easy to add new functionality in the R environment, and easy to integrate it into existing functionality. R is also powerful, flexible and forgiving.
In this webinar, Dr. Edlefsen will discuss the approach to scalability Revolution Analytics has taken with its RevoScaleR package. He will discuss this approach from the point of view of:

* Storing data on disk
* Importing data from other sources
* Reading and writing of chunks of data
* Handling data in memory
* Using multiple cores on single computers
* Using multiple computers
* Automatically parallelizing "external memory" algorithms


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October 14, 2011

SSDS WS on R Intro - link to R script

Here's the link to Solomon's R script that he used in his workshop presentation on Friday, October 14, 2011:

Also, take a look at some of SSDS's other help documentation on using R or other software applications:

Thanks for attending!

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September 27, 2011

From Revolution Analytics: Webinar: Introduction to R for SAS and SPSS Users

Date: Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time
Presenter: Bob Muenchen, University of Tennessee, Author of R for SAS and SPSS Users, creater of

R is free software for data analysis and graphics that is similar to SAS and SPSS. Two million people are part of the R Open Source Community. Its use is growing very rapidly and Revolution Analytics distributes a commercial version of R that adds capabilities that are not available in the Open Source version. This 60-minute webinar is for people who are familiar with SAS or SPSS who want to know how R can strengthen their analytics strategy. It will include:

* What R is and how it compares to SAS and SPSS
* An overview of how to install and maintain it
* How to find R add-on modules comparable to those for SAS and SPSS
* Which of R’s many user interfaces are most like those of SAS and SPSS
* How to run R from within SAS and SPSS
* What a simple R program looks like
* Q&A with Bob Muenchen

Join us for this webcast and find out how SAS and SPSS users can take advantage of R.

Presenter Bio
Bob Muenchen is the author of R for SAS and SPSS Users and, with Joseph M. Hilbe, R for Stata Users. He is also the creator of, a popular web site devoted to helping people learn R. Bob is a consulting statistician with 30 years of experience and is currently the manager of the Research Computing Support (formerly the Statistical Consulting Center) at the University of Tennessee. He has conducted research for a variety of public and private organizations and has assisted on more than 1,000 graduate theses and dissertations. He has written or coauthored over 50 articles published in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Bob also serves on advisory panels for IBM’s SPSS Corporation and SAS Institute.


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April 06, 2011

From Revolutions blog - How to search the documentation of all CRAN packages

by David Smith on 4/5/11

Ever tried to find a specific function or algorithm in R that you're sure that someone has implemented in a CRAN package, but you don't know which one? Now you can find it, in the R Packages section of R community site

The R Packages section now includes the ability to browse and search help files from R packages. Use the letter index to search for a particular package (say, ggplot2), and click on the Package Reference tab to browse the functions within the package:

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January 04, 2011

From Revolutions blog - The R Journal: December 2010

Issue 2 of The R Journal (the peer-reviewed journal devoted to R) was published over the Christmas break. In addition to news about the latest release of R, it also includes contributed articles on using GPU processing to fit Bayesian models in R, processing text data in R, solving differential equations in R, and much more. Follow the link below for the complete contents.

The R Journal: Volume 2/2, December 2010

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October 25, 2010

From Revolutions blog by David Smith - A workflow for R

Writing an R script is one thing. Organizing your process: where to put the data, how to refer to files in scripts, how to run the scripts, and how to produce and collect and report the results; that's quite another. Every R user has their own workflow for doing data analysis with R, but the best workflows achieve the following goals:

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