Audition Information

Auditions for the Stanford Summer Symphony will take place June 23-26 over Zoom. Anyone interested in joining SSS this summer who has not previously been a member of Stanford Philharmonia (SP) or Stanford Symphony Orchestra (SSO) will be required to audition. If you haven’t played in SP or SSO but did audition earlier this year, then you may not have to reaudition and should contact Professor Paul Phillips at to determine whether you need to reaudition or not. The Stanford Summer Symphony will probably consist of strings, woodwinds, horns, trumpets, timpani, and percussion. Most likely, there will not be parts for trombones, tuba, harp, or keyboard. Final determination of the roster and repertoire will be made after auditions end and before the first rehearsal, which will take place on Tuesday, June 29 from 7:00-9:30pm in Bing Concert Hall.


1) Solo piece. A work of your choice that displays your best playing such as an etude; a movement of a suite, partita, sonata, or concerto; or orchestral excerpts. Length: 2-3 minutes. A second contrasting piece is not required, but might be heard in the audition if time allows.

2) Excerpt for your instrument. Prepare the section marked (1) in red brackets. If there are additional sections (2) and/or (3) marked for your instrument, prepare those also. If any part of the marked section is divisi, play the upper notes only.

3) Scales. Play scales in the way you’ve prepared them with your private teacher or learned them at school. While there is no set requirement as to which ones you should know, knowing all the major scales is desirable, and knowing majors and minors is optimal.

4) Sight-reading. An excerpt will be provided via Zoom at the audition.

The audition will last 10-12 minutes.

Music majors and non-music majors are treated the same in the auditions, with non-music majors having the same chance of being admitted to SSO and/or SP as music majors.

Any questions concerning the auditions should be emailed to Professor Phillips at