Humans of SSO: Aaron Levett

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Name: Aaron Levett
Instrument: Violin
Majors: Biology and Computer Science
Class of 2019

Aaron is a sophomore who is double majoring in biology and computer science. He has been in SSO both of his years at Stanford, but he has been playing in other orchestras for ten years prior to coming here.

Why did you start playing violin?
When I was seven, we were at a family friend’s house. Their daughter was playing violin while we were there, and I thought it seemed interesting and fun. 

Why are you excited to go on tour?
I’m excited to go on tour because this will likely be one of my last opportunities as a musician to be able to travel to amazing places in an orchestral setting.

What superpower would you have and why?
I would want to be a super-violinist so I wouldn’t have to practice!

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