Humans of SSO: Brad Girardeau


Name: Brad Girardeau
Instrument: Violin
Coterm: Computer Science
Class of 2017

Brad is a current coterm student at Stanford, working on his Master’s degree in Computer Science. He has been an integral member of SSO for five years.

Why did you start playing violin?
My parents picked it out for me. I was really little, around five years old, so I did it and I guess I just kept going! 

Why do you like the violin?
It’s easy to carry around, which is really important in my opinion. Also, it sounds beautiful and has a very broad range.

What is your favorite SSO Memory?
My favorite SSO Memory was going on tour to Europe. We visited Germany and the Czech Republic and played in amazing concert halls. It was so fun to perform in other countries and visit them at the same time, and that was the first orchestra tour I ever went on.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I would love to be able to fly. It seems really fun to be able to see everything from above, and it would make transportation really easy!

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