Humans of SSO: Léa Bourgade


Name: Léa Bourgade
Instrument: Violin
Major: Psychology
Class of 2020

Lea lived in Paris for the first ten years of her life and is now a freshman majoring in Psychology. This is her first year in SSO, but she has already proved herself as one of the strongest violinists in the orchestra and currently serves as co-concertmistress of the Stanford Symphony Orchestra.

Why did you start playing violin?
My mother also plays the violin so I started playing when I was very young and have just continued playing ever since.

Why are you excited to go on tour?
I’m excited to go on tour because it is a chance for me to explore new plaes and to share music with people from a different culture. 

What is your favorite SSO Memory?
My favorite memory with SSO is probably laughing about the lyrics in Carmina Burana and playing with Chinese reflex bells in Blue Cathedral by Jennifer Higdon.

If you could choose one liquid to take a bath in, what would it be?
Probably herbal tea. Water is too basic but anything else would be really disgusting.

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