Humans of SSO: Praveen Pallegar

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Name: Praveen Pallegar
Instrument: Violin
Major: Symbolic Systems
Class of 2020

Praveen is a freshman who is majoring in Symbolic Systems. Though this is his first year in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, he has been playing violin in an orchestral setting for nine years. Fun fact: Praveen is fluent in 15 different languages!

Why did you choose to play violin?
I started when I was young, and at that point a lot my friends were playing violin too. I thought it looked fun and knew that there was a lot of repertoire, so I decided to try it out.

What is your favorite SSO memory?
I think that my favorite memory would have to be the retreat we went on in the beginning of the year. I met so many awesome people, and I think it really helped me get to know the other members of the orchestra.

Why are you excited to go on tour?
I’ve always loved collaborating musically with others, so I’m excited to work with a local dance studio in Cuba!

What superpower would you want?
I would love to be able to fly. It seems super fun and a great way to get from place to place without dealing with traffic!

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