Humans of SSO: Vaughn White

vaughn white photo
 Vaughn White
Instrument: French Horn
Major: Undeclared
Class of 2020

Vaughn is a current freshman at Stanford who plays the French Horn. He has been a member of various orchestras for six years and is in his first year with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra. In addition to music, Vaughn is on the Stanford Hurling team, a sport where opponents try to hit a small ball between the other teams’ goalposts.

How did you start playing your instrument?
I chose French Horn mostly because my dad played it. He encouraged me to try it, and I enjoyed it enough to continue!

Why are you excited to go on tour?
In the past, I’ve been on three other orchestra tours and have really enjoyed my experiences so far. I’m very excited to continue to explore new places while playing amazing music.

What superpower would you have and why?
I would want to be able to control time. Not only would it make it easier to get everything done, it would be cool to find out what actually happened at the various historical events we always learn about.

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