[Past Event] 1st Winter Meeting + Youth-Education/Gut-Microbiome Workshop


Hi folks!

Thank you everybody for coming to our first meeting + workshop. We had a huge turnout, some fantastic conversations, and some super cool snacks (I brought some surprise natto😀). I know some of you were inquiring about that Youtube Gut Microbiome animation I made, so here’s the link https://youtu.be/U_kwRZsZ2VU.

Also, keep in mind my cartoon was aimed towards a elementary/middle school audience, so if you watch it, I recommend doing it at 2X speed 😄

Also, in case any of you are interested in exploring the research side of gut microbiome science further, I recommend starting with the infographics of the World Gut Microbiota scientific research organization here https://www.gutmicrobiotaforhealth.com/en/resources/

Alex Maben (Webmaster & runner of this workshop)

Original Message:

The Stanford Farmers is having our first meeting on this upcoming Saturday, January 12th from 11:30 – 12:30 at the Stanford O’Donohue Educational Farm (by the picnic benches). The nitty-gritty of this meeting are further detailed in the email sent today to the Stanford Farmers mailing list, but to give a quick summary, it will consist of a short ~10 minute general info session, followed by a ~50-minute, hands-on, interactive workshop session on gut-microbiome science (the minor focus) and youth curriculum development (the bigger focus)! We hope to see you there! Please RSVP on our Facebook Page!

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