Science Art captions work beautifully in

Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals

Gerardo Ceballos
Anne H. Ehrlich (Science Art-Nature Affiliate)
Paul R. Ehrlich (Science Art-Nature founding board member, 2009-2011)

This visually beautiful, poignant book about the “fates and futures” of birds and mammals tells us what’s critical without overwhelming us into inaction because the list is so long.  How?  It delivers essential information using the right voice—part knowledgeable authority, part witnessing traveler.  It is measured, but pulls no punches.  It delivers the backstory, individual narratives, ongoing pressures and options for action with the sort of urgent intimacy friends use when time is short and news is grave.

The Annihilation of Nature presents its news in small packets easily read in the quiet moments of busy days.  It reminds us of Earth's first five natural extinctions, identifies us as the drivers of the current one and helps us update our choices.  Let your eyes rest on the exquisite double-page photographs of extraordinary habitats.  Take a close look at the species portraits and then get details, first in the (Science Art) captions, then in the text.  (Have you heard about the vaquita and why fewer than 100 remain?) Challenge yourself and then challenge others.  The Annihilation of Nature gives us a leg-up. It's time.

Darryl Wheye
CEO, Science Art-Nature