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November 27, 2015
Art meets science at National Archives of Australia
      An exhibition of artworks which draw on natural science for inspiration opens at the National Archives of Australia.


November 17, 2015
National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded study assesses brains and art. Could show which works of art have the “most profound
       impact” on museum patrons, how “brain activity shapes the creative process”, and more.
       At the intersection of neuroscience and art
       Blending cognition and engineering to reveal the neural basis of creativity


October 23, 2015
Hope you can access this article. It discusses 20 or so artworks portraying about 36 of the 314 birds on the National Audubon
      Society’s climate-threatened and climate-endangered lists. The Audubon Mural Project plans to present all 314 on "the walls,
      roofs, roll-down gates, window recesses and other architectural crannies of [John James] Audubon’s old neighborhood.
      Retracing Audubon’s Steps, Painting His Birds Anew
      To honor the famed creator of ‘Birds of America,’ the Audubon Mural Project has commissioned artists to paint dozens
      of endangered birds all over the 19th-century naturalist’s Upper Manhattan neighborhood. The latest addition: a six-story


October 13, 2015
The Fantastic 17th-Century Book of Birds, Made from Feathers
      In the 17th-century, a gardener created a strange book of birds where the illustrations were completely made of feathers.


September 21, 2015
Science Can Be As Beautiful As Art
       Gaining knowledge about the world only adds to its beauty.


September 19, 2015
Making research "relatable":
       Canberra scientists, street artists team up to paint picture of local discoveries
       Canberra scientists and street artists combine their talents in an effort to bring local scientific research and discoveries to the


August , 2015
If you have time, there's also a 5-minute audio.
       Artscape: Science Inspires Art To Explore Alzheimer's
       Art and medicine have long been intertwined - from the earliest depictions of human anatomy to modern art therapy. A new
       art exhibit.


August 5, 2015
The limits of reason: Boolean links between art and science
       Two exhibitions in Cork celebrate George Boole, a son of the city and the genius who laid the foundation of all computer


July 24, 2015
Making room for art:
       Allen Institute for Brain Science will contain some art, too
       Vulcan Inc. has announced that it plans a nontraditional art institution, to be called Pivot Art + Culture, on the ground floor of
       the Allen Institute for Brain Science in South Lake Union.


July 24, 2015
Calling on science to "communicate scientific findings, to a broad audience, through artistic expression":
       The Art of Science - The Express Tribune
       Consequence of our insurmountable barrier is that most of science students, mentors lack ability to express themselves


July 12, 2015
See a compelling blend of science and art at this url:
       Guardian fossil fuel interactive
       Interactive and research by Duncan Clark. Extraction figures extrapolated from BP Statistical Review 2014; data are from
       2013 and have been adjusted by 2% per year since the start of 2014 to account for estimated subsequent increases, based


May 31, 2015
Alva Noë, philosopher at the University of California, Berkeley, concludes, "Rembrandt's painting of a scientist at work is also an
       argument for the irreducible importance of art to the scientist's basic project."
       An Intersection Of Science And Art In Rembrandt's 'Anatomy Lesson'
       The artist's painting of a medical school demonstration is more than just a picture; it is an occasion for thinking about the
       ways sight and thought, art and science,…


May 13, 2015
A message to the incredible William Cooper--Thank you!
       Celebrated bird illustrator William Cooper dies at home in Queensland
       Renowned wildlife illustrator William T. Cooper dies at his home in far north Queensland.


April 22, 2015
An Earth Day tally:
       The environmental groups that dominate Facebook
       Meet the organizations wielding the power of Facebook to inspire, educate and advocate for the planet.


March 27, 2015
Read about the science/art presentation choreographer Karole Armitage and Science Art-Nature, co-founder Paul Ehrlich put
       together at the American Museum of Natural History. (I hope all of you can access this Huffington Post review.):
       A Whale of a Tale: Karole Armitage's On the Nature of Things
       My first thought as I sat in in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History when dancer
       Medumi Eda appeared under the scale…


March 19, 2015
If you decide to check this out, please let us know if you're unable to read all of the text:
       Art meets science at air pollution kiosk
       Project seeks to engage the public in new ways on need for better air quality.


March 10, 2015
       What to Do If Your Child’s First Love Is . . . Art
       In The Wall Street Journal, Jerry Cianciolo says it’s a myth that a passion for creative expression is a one-way ticket to


March 5, 2015
From the University of Wisconsin...
       Neuroaesthetics ties art with science : Daily-cardinal
       Shiela Reaves’ office is exactly what you’d imagine a professor’s office to look like: cozily collegiate with books everywhere.
       There is an entire wall made up of bookshelves and there.


February 27, 2015
Collaborative efforts!
       Climate Change: A Conversation About Art, Investment and Science
       If governments fail us again, then businesses, families, institutional investors, individuals, artists will have to take the lead and
       make sure humanity has a…


February 22, 2015
Take a look: former Science Art-Nature board member Glendon Mellow and colleagues at Symbiartic have a new initiatives
       designed to further raise the visibility of Science Art.
       Art Takes on Science: An Experiment in ScienceArt and Blogging
       This July, Symbiartic will celebrate its 4th birthday…


February 2, 2015
Smithsonian American Art Museum launches effort to create national art database.
      The Smithsonian American Art Museum launches national collaborative to share its collections and research online.


July 22, 2014
'Art of Science' Photos Prove That Scientists Have Soul - NBC News
       Feast your eyes on aesthetically pleasing scientific images from Princeton University's annual Art of Science exhibition.


July 16, 2014
       A fascinating and important exhibition of sculpture
      (in the largest sense of that word) is now on view at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in the art
      gallery space on the ground floor of their building on 12th Street and New York…


July 8, 2014
In residential immersion program, Stanford freshmen take a new approach to scientific inquiry
       Stanford recently completed the first year of SIMILE: Science in the Making Integrated Learning Environment. This residential
      learning program focuses on approaching the study of science, technology and medicine by exploring their historical, cultural
      and social contexts.


June 6, 2014
Good medicine is realised as much through art as science
       | Peter Thomas and Sam Guglani
       The Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize champions a less reductive, less consumerist view of illness and medicine – and the
       human fragility that underlies both


April 5, 2014
What old paintings can tell us about pollution levels[broken link]
       Researchers have discovered that the color of sunsets painted by artists can be used to gauge pollution levels. online.


March 6, 2014
An Artistic Climate Transforms Data into Art (Op-Ed)
       The power of scientific data becomes even more profound in the hands of artists.


January 13, 2014
Science combines with art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art [broken link]
       Neuroscientists ordinarily do not command large audiences when they speak. But when neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel
      accepted an invitation to lecture from the Fri.


December 14, 2013
Think writing that shows "how some new discovery looks to an interested outsider" and writing that provides a work of Science
       Art with a science lens have a lot in common?
       The Science and Art of Science Writing
       I blame a rattlesnake for my career.


December 2, 2013
science/art incubator:
       Art of Science Learning project underway


November 27, 2013
Together, science and art address our planetary psychopathology
       This December, Winnipeg will host the premiere of an arts and sciences exhibition that will travel to many other countries.
      The exhibition, Toxicity, spawn


October 31, 2013
Photomicrography contest results..."limbo between art and science". See Translation
       Tiny photographs from the 'limbo between art and science'
       A microscopic photograph of marine plankton has won a prestigious global photography contest for tiny works created in the
       "limbo between art and science."


October 23, 2013
In this article, David Glowacki is quoted: "As a theoretical chemist, I'm interesting in finding out what the energetic reaction
       between atoms and molecules is everywhere. If we can understand this, we can understand any natural phenomenon."
       Crowdsourcing science with supercomputers and interactive art installations (Wired UK) [Broken Link]
       David Glowacki, a theoretical chemist and Royal Society Research Fellow, wants you to solve science's big questions by
       playing computer games.


October 16, 2013
Art, science merge in STEAM tech project - Brown Daily Herald
       A workshop aimed to create technology for those with communication disabilities.



September 4, 2013
Seen Sharon Beals photos?:
       The Art of the Bird’s Nest
       The fragile architectural masterpieces of numerous bird species are the subject of Sharon Beals' latest photo series—now on
       display at the National Academy of Sciences.


August 11, 2013
Read how Fairbanks gallery exhibits
       "Works [that] aim to convey ideas culled from science"


August 7, 2013
Cool Science Art exhibit at CSIRO.
       Hear Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Matt Adcock and David Lovell talk about their collaboration


July 11, 2013
More on shifting from STEM to STEAM
       by John Maeda


April 18, 2013
Take a look--we've posted the remaining 30 images in our virtual exhibit,
      Windows on Evolution.


February 19, 2013
February 19, 2013 · Display from
      Windows on Evolution
      part of Stanford's Darwin Day symposium and C.D. birthday celebration today!


February 12, 2013
Today's Darwin Day and we launched an exhibit. Visit and peer into the process of evolution: The juried exhibit includes the work
       of 40 artists, along with explanatory captions. Check the commentaries, see which artwork won an award, hear some music
       with lyrics based on Darwin's words, and leave your reactions!
       Windows on Evolution
       virtual exhibit presented by Science Art-Nature, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to promote Science Art
       and serve as a bridge among scientists, artists, educators, those in the media, and fellow nonprofit organizations promoting
       the arts.


December 5, 2012
Books featuring Science Art...take a look...Kimber Streams
      'Natural Histories'
      collection highlights scientific art


November 27, 2013
"A new discovery for science and art:
       the cultural divide is all in the mind"


October 12, 2012
Carel Brest van Kempen I just finished the
       first of seven custom ink
       wash paintings for contributors to Science Art-Nature's upcoming Evolution Art Show. There are still a couple of slots
       available. If you're interested in commissioning one of these paintings, go to


October 12, 2012
Paint by Numbers
       Math-inspired art, to get you primed for thinking about equations. [related link, not the original]


October 10, 2012
Group Pushing for
       Brooklyn's First Science-Art Museum


October 2, 2012
Science Art of note: [link no longer available] and another example
      Scientific art reaches new heights at interdisciplinary talk : When publishing images is too
      expensive: Art book withoutpictures raises issue of pricey textbooks

      Design bridges science and art


September 27, 2012
Symbiartic comments on SA-N's upcoming Windows on Evolution exhibit:
       Windows on Evolution – can you outdo “March of Progress” imagery?
      Symbiartic, Scientific American. Kalliopi Monoyiosis a scientific illustrator at the University of Chicago and the illustrator of
      two popular science books, Neil Shubin’sYour Inner Fish, and Jerry…


September 19, 2012
What inspires you to create science-themed art?
      Artists, are you really inspired by science to create art from it?
      Why Science themes?! I asked this question some of my artist friends who are into science-art. And most of the replies I got
      were really disappointing. Becaus…


September 11, 2012
SA-N's upcoming
      virtual Science Art exhibition


September 9, 2012
Here's a copy of the
      on SA-N's third virtual exhibit you can view here instead of linking to youtube (as you have to do to see
      the copy of the video to the right).


September 9, 2012
Science Art Nature's third virtual exhibit is taking submissions through Oct 15, 2012.
      Exhibit goes live on Darwin Day, Feb. 12, 2013


September 6, 2012
To submit art for "Windows on Evolution: An Artistic Celebration of Charles Darwin" see:…/stanfordbi…/SAN/DarwinExhibit.html
      Deadline for submissions is October 15, 2012 ScienceArt-Nature Science Art-Nature invites you to participate in a juried
      virtualexhibit, WINDOWS ON EVOLUTION: An Artistic Celebration of Charles Darwin, commemorating Darwin Day,
      February 12,2013.


February 11, 2011
2nd virtual Science Art Exhibit: Bringing Symposia to Life February 2011.
       Our last virtual Science Art Exhibit, whose selection of images was inspired by the AAAS 2011 Annual Meeting in Washington
       DC, Feb. 17-21, 2011, is available online.


June 10, 2010
1st virtual Science Art Exhibit June 2010
       Our first virtual Science Art Exhibit was associated with the 2010 Pacific Division AAAS Meeting "The Art of Science" in
       Ashland, Oregon, 13 – 17 June 2010.


February 11, 2011
Science Art-Nature
      was Founded and acquired 501(c)3 status in 2009.