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December24, 2016
Sonia Mehra Chawla’s Critical Membrane
      frames mangrove ecosystems as metaphor for science, - Firstpost


December 12, 2016
To consider...
      New study doubles the estimate of bird species in the world
      New research led by the American Museum of Natural History suggests that there are about 18,000 bird species in the world
      --nearly twice as many as previously…


December 9, 2016
Author writes:"Decisions on educational priorities are about the sort of nation we want to become. The UK already ranks second in
      the list of most Nobel laureates – with the majority of these prizes coming in science and medicine. In forcing an ever more
      efficient production line of high-performing school-level mathematicians and scientists, we risk strangling the creative arts. My
      hunch is that British strength in the arts is integral to understanding why we have so many Nobel prizes: breakthroughs in
      science and technology always need a spark of creativity, too."
      The focus on maths and science doesn’t add up.
      The arts must be in the equation | Kester Brewin Throwing resources at science, technology, engineering and maths in England
      hasn’t worked. We need to reaffirm the importance of a more rounded education


December 3, 2016
The Best "Art Meets Science" Books of 2016
      Eight sumptuous books from the past year that meet at the intersection of science and art


November 25, 2016
The inner heartbreak of birds
      The worlds of humans and birds have always overlapped – as these artworks show.


November 21, 2016
Flying machines and chickens: The art of thinking about science
      Cars fuelled by water, flying machines and dead/alive chickens are all part of a witty Liverpool show designed to get non-
      scientists thinking scientifically


October 21, 2016
Nice validation of Science Art:
      Early cave art reveals elusive ‘Higgs bison’

      The bison, a hybrid of two extinct grazers, roamed European grasslands in the late ice age.


October 8, 2016
Tongue-in-cheek museum will meld science, art
      By Becky Oskin If Salvador Dali designed a science museum, it might look something like the plans for the Institute of
      Unknown Purpose, a surreal and playful pop-up institute that will blend scienc...


October 5, 2016
An Illustrator Who Balances Art and Medicine
      Meredith Osborn, a medical illustrator in Columbus, Ohio, talks about being both an artist and a scientist, and the respect society
      has for each of those roles.


September 16, 2016
Art and Science Meld as NASA Announces a New Artist Collaboration
      The artist and photographer Justin Guariglia will work to present the effects of climate change to the public.


September 15, 2016
Breeding a Better Chicken in the Name of Art (and Science)
      For 20 years, Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen has been selectively breeding chickens for his Cosmopolitan Chicken Project


September 10, 2016
As you know, Science Art-Nature works to raise the visibility of Science Art (works that represent truths about the world and its creatures). As you probably also know, in a world of increasing complexity and vulnerability, this public service effort has much more to do than it has funds to do it. So...we're trying a crowd-sourcing effort. If you have a few extra dollars ($5-10), maybe you can help. At the least, we hope to raise enough funds to produce a virtual exhibit on a critical topic. (Tell us which topic you think is most critical.) So far, we've raised 10 percent of our minimum goal of $1,000) For more info, click on the graphic. On behalf of Science Art-Nature, thank you for taking the time to consider this. D.W.

Click here to support Science Art-Nature's next efforts

Science Art-Nature (SA-N) is a tiny 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to promote Science Art (art that combines the accuracy of science with the evocative power…


September 8, 2016
(Please let me know if you can't open the link.)
      How Simplicity Can Unveil Insights in Art and Science
      In his new book, Reductionism in Art and Science, Columbia University neuroscientist Eric Kandel tries to draw parallels
      between brain science and the philosophies of abstract artists.


August 26, 2016
University Art Gallery NEA award exhibit to blend art, science
      Natural science and contemporary art will ignite the imagination when the University Art Gallery at New Mexico State
      University presents “GEOMAGIC"...


August 7, 2016
Nasa's secret art studio: how to make rocket science beautiful
      The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which takes on Nasa’s most ambitious missions, runs a studio where a mix of design and
      engineering creates stunning results


August 3, 2016
The Da Vinci Genome – how science drives art and art drives science
      “The Leonardo Project” is exploring the interface between scientific research and the humanities.


July 27, 2016
Stunning Chronophotographs Capture the Patterns of Birds in Flight
      The dark, smudgy streaks on Xavi Bou’s photographs suggest the jerky ink tracks created by a malfunctioning printer, but they
      actually record the various patterns…


July 26, 2016
Current:LA” exhibits plug water sustainability with art, science
      An enormous plastic dome covered a directional mic and a set of headphones by the watershed in the middle of Del Rey Lagoon
      Park on Tuesday. The audience…


July 23, 2016
Art, science and ocean meld in multimedia presentation
      A Gloucester artist said this Saturday she will present a dynamic look at the ways in which marine science, conservation, and the
      arts can positively combine to raise public awareness


July 5, 2016
Their aim is to "open up a dialogue between scientists and the general public about the Gulf of Mexico and further investigate the
      impacts from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill." ...and produce up an "interactive mobile art and science museum that will
       engagethe broader public."
       Crude Life: New 'citizen science' and art project aims to raise awareness of oil spill impacts...
       A new project that blends art and science to gather and communicate new information on the effects of the 2010 Deepwater
       Horizon oil spill has been…


July 1, 2016
Sarah Moulden, Down House curator, describes the art the Darwins displayed. She comments on the religious art and suggests
      Charles Darwin saw himself as a Renaissance man who “identified with people like Leonardo and Raphael”.
      Origin story: what does Darwin's taste in art tell us about the scientist?
      Restorers at Down House, where On the Origin of Species was written, have discovered Darwin’s passion for Renaissance
      painters. His collection sheds light on how he saw God, nature and himself


June 23, 2016
Time Magazine notes that photographer Hannah Whitaker: "...was tasked with visualizing the complex story of CRISPR,
      a groundbreaking genome editing tool. Each subject—a baby, mice, and a tomato—was approached with a different stylistic
      technique " and concludes: "The languages of science and art both have their own complexities, but Whitaker’s photographs
      combine the two with artfulness and craft."
      Hannah Whitaker: The Science and Art of Constructing Images
      The art photographer takes on the complex story of CRISPR, a genome editing tool, for TIME's cover


June 19, 2016
Barry Van Dusen's Science Art:
      Artist captures four seasons of beauty at Tower Hill Botanic Garden
      BOYLSTON - Wildlife artist Barry Van Dusen spent 2013 painting views of Tower Hill Botanic Garden, visiting the
      spectacular home of the Worcester County


June 10, 2016
Artist Dan
      Power's mission: to "promote communication of science, through other means, namely art itself, as a way of actually
       presenting scientific concepts and ideas"
      Canberran's etched bull skull wins Waterhouse Art Prize | Canberra Life
      Until this week, Canberra artist Dan Power spent his days explaining to people why science is important – either through art,
      or his day job as an educator at…


May 17, 2016
A quote from Andrea Wulf's article: "During the 1850s and ’60s, Church painted several stunning South American scenes. His
      most famous painting, though, was “The Heart of the Andes,” which combined beauty with the most meticulous geological,
       botanical and scientific detail—this was Humboldt’s concept of interconnectedness writ large on canvas."
      Turning Science Into Art
      How the scientist Alexander von Humboldt inspired Frederic Edwin Church’s artistic brilliance.


May 10, 2016
One of the Most Convincing Climate Change Visualizations We've Ever Seen
      But we had so much snow this winter! But it’s only a couple degrees! But the temperature in my hometown feels fine! We’ve
      heard it all from climate change…


May 6, 2016
["Data Art Project" explores how to set up projects that prepare students for 21st century. Leader Mendelevitch notes: "'s no
      longer about what you know (because you can Google that), it's about what you can do with what you know,"... ]
      Bridging the gap between art and science
       Students from two schools collaborate to create a new kind of art


April 23, 2016
Standing at the Intersection of Art and Science
      The student art exhibit that just went up in Drake University’s Harmon Fine Arts Center crosses the intersection between art
      and the natural world.


April 19, 2016
I hope you can access this article. Pls. let me know if you can't. Darryl.
      Alexis Rockman Bridges the Gulf Between Art and Science
      The New York artist who has made a career of portraying scientific themes discusses his work.


March 4, 2016
Alan Alda on why science and art are 'long lost lovers'
       Former MASH star Alan Alda says his mission is to re-unite the long lost lovers that are art and science.


February 12, 2016
Not everyone will like this...but as the author says: "Through his Cloaca series Wim Delvoye has managed to create something
      truly interdisciplinary. ... It brings together biologists, medical experts, artists and public audiences in a common conversation.":
      Blending science, art and other excrement
       I think it’s fair to say that I am fairly experienced in dealing with excrement. While some of this comes with caring for two
      small children, most of my faecal-awareness comes from first career as a veterinarian…


February 4, 2016
Science intersects with art in experimental illustrator’s work | Daily Bruin
      Amisha Gadani has made a career of blending science and art, from creating a dress that inflates like a pufferfish to illustrating
      birds without beaks Gadani, an…


January 14, 2016
Two Science Art-Nature founders, a scientist and an artist, show areas on butterfly wings to look for resemblances of caterpillars
      and discuss why it might matter:
      Citizen Science Project: Resemblances
      Developing a citizen science program to investigate resemblances between butterflies and caterpillars--Darryl Wheye and
      Paul R. Ehrlich