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February 7, 2018
Not the first step, as noted below, but one with lots of promise for viewers and artists, alike:
      A Trip to a Museum for Convincing Americans About Climate Change
      An exhibition in Manhattan is the first step in a grand attempt to change the national conversation around global warming.


February 3, 2018
Science Art featuring "biology, chemistry, physics, geoscience, psychology, computer science and public health" in:
      DePauw University Exhibit
      'Art of Data' combines science, art at DePauw Science meets art in "The Art of Data" an exhibition now open at DePauw       University's Richard E. Peeler Art Center. Remaining on view through July 15, it is free and open to all. Under the guidance of
      Dan Gurnon, associate


January 26, 2018
Plant artists--seen this?
      The Lost Art of Looking at Plants: Advances in genomics and imaging are reviving a fading discipline


January 18, 2018
The AI/art interface: Is a "drawing bot" sketch assistant that converts text to images coming fairly soon?
       Microsoft researchers build a bot that draws what you tell it to--
      The AI Blog
      --A new AI technology under development with Microsoft Research is programmed to generate images based on caption-like
      text descriptions.


January 11, 2018
Amanda Montañez, an assistant graphics editor at 'Scientific American', compares 2 NYC conferences on Science + Art
       and provides a link to recorded discussions.
       When 2 (Disciplines) Become 1:
       Reflections on the convergence of art and science


January 8, 2018
PBS coverage includes tips: Picasso’s advice “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Become completely
       absorbed by an idea. Exercise your mind’s eye--choose to understand the process of getting a desired outcome, not just the
       outcome itself...
       The secret to creativity – according to science backs Picasso.