Donald Kennedy, Paul Ehrlich, Katherine Preston, and Darryl Wheye present:

A Self-Guiding Podcast Tour of Plants, Animals, and Science Art on the Stanford Campus


Loop 7:
Canfield Court

Bing Wing of Green Library
and The Quad

Find out about
Calder's Falcon
Canfield's dawn redwoods
Mem Pest's scales
Green Library's bats
cycad eggs and sperm
acorn woodpeckers and global climate change
and much more

To download the mp3 files, right-click (control-click if you're on a Mac) the link and choose "Save Link As".
Open the files in iTunes. Create a playlist (File>New Playlist) and move the mp3s into it.
After that, just sync your Shuffle. If you have a new Shuffle, you should be able to select the playlist
...The ten minute discussion describes podcast aims.
Download LOOP 7 [ MP3 file--60MG]
...The walk will take approximately one hour. It begins at the walkway between the
...Stanford Bookstore and the Stanford Post Office and ends at the Main Quad.
...The illustrated map shows the route and stopping points. Please take it with you.
You might want to take binoculars.

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Sponsored in part by Stanford Institute of the Arts.
Technical assistance provided by Kimberly Hayworth and the Academic Technology Lab.
The grouse audio file is in the public domain. All other sounds provided by and copyrighted to, 2009.
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