Our Story

Stanford DFA is a student-run design studio focusing on local social impact. We use the design process to tackle social issues in our community, from student political engagement, to crime in East Palo Alto.

We're currently recruiting members for our project teams for 2017. Do you care about local social issues? Do you want to learn more about the design process? All majors welcome!

Teams 2017

Food For Thought

Pierce Ashworth & Vrinda Vasavada

How might we help overextended, overcommitted, stressed Stanford students maintain healthy eating habits?

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Sophie Hamilton & Vikas Maturi

How might we enable girls in East Palo Alto to view themselves as leaders by rethinking gender socialization?

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Akhila Moturu & Medha Verma

How might we create an understanding of different political perspectives among Stanford students?

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Active Voices

Caroline Berzins & Amanda Calabrese

How might we empower parents of ESL students in East Palo Alto to play an active role in their child’s second-language education despite a language barrier that they may face?

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Culture Interlock

Pascal Cevaer-Corey & Danielle Limcaoco

How might we facilitate the transition into American culture for international Stanford students?

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Stop The Slump

Rosa Hamalainen & Claudia Hanley

How might we reduce the effects of the sophomore slump?

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Grace Greenwald & Aubriana Menendez

How might we facilitate an easy/desirable process for teachers to implement hands-on learning in the classroom?

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Join an Amazing Community

DFA is a community centered on collaboration, sharing, and learning. We have members from all parts of Stanford, varied in class, major, and background. Need help with CAD? A DFA member can teach you. Photoshop tips? ME80 help? Someone to go to EBF Happy Hour with you? We got you covered.

Learn the Design Process

We use a Design Process similar to the one taught at the d.School, with a few of our own twists. You won't get an experience like this in the classroom; we take you all the way from empathy to prototyping to implementation.

Create an Impact in Your Community

DFA's mission is to create local, social impact. We can create lasting solutions because we use the design process: understanding the root problems of issues empowers us to create tailor-made products and services that can be used after we finish the project. You can't beat that with community service org!