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Stearns Lab News

June, 2018

Maïgane Diop, undergrad at University of Maryland, joins us as an HHMI EXROP student, working with Katie on centriolar appendages. Welcome, Maïgane!

June, 2018

Anaïs Tsai, undergrad at Stanford, joins us for a summer research project, working with Emily on hedgehog signaling and the cilium. Welcome, Anaïs!

May, 2018

Brunch in the orchard, sending off Roberta to her new position with Vittorio Sebastiano.

April, 2018

Olga defends her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Olga!

March, 2018

Victor Naturale, Ph.D. student from Biology, joins us for a rotation. Welcome, Victor!

March, 2018

Jenn's review on centriole structure published in Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology.

February, 2018

Lab trip to see elephant seals at Año Nuevo!

November, 2017

Miranda and Tim's Preview about a paper from the Meunier lab published in Developmental Cell.

September, 2017

Jenn's paper on centriolar triplet microtubules published in eLife. Congratulations, Jenn and colleagues!

August, 2017

Ulises Diaz, a returning HHMI EXROP student who worked with Jenn this summer, is off to grad school at UCSF. Good luck, Ulises!

June, 2017

Karen Gonzalez, an HHMI EXROP student from UCLA, joins us for the summer. Welcome, Karen!

May, 2017

Congratulations to Miranda on winning a prestigious DARE fellowship!

March, 2017

Stearns Lab in the stairwell.

March, 2017

The Keyence microscope arrives!

January, 2017

Krishna and Claire representing Team Chytrid at the California Academy of Sciences.

January, 2017

Garrison Buss, Ph.D. student from Molecular and Cellular Physiology, joins us for a rotation. Welcome, Garrison!

December, 2016

Anh Nguyen offers up a homegrown Carolina Reaper pepper (>1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units). We all survived!

November, 2016

Congratulations to Claire, KC, and Katie on passing their qualifying exams!

September, 2016

Michael Tran, Ph.D. student from the Biology Department, joins us for a rotation. Welcome, Michael!

June, 2016

Ulises Diaz, from SFSU, joins us for an HHMI EXROP summer research fellowship. Welcome, Ulises!

June, 2016

Miracle Berry party!

March, 2016

KC Farrell, Ph.D. student from the Biology Department, joins us for a rotation. Welcome, KC!

December, 2015

Tim and Jerry Schatten publish a piece on sperm centrosomes

December, 2015

Katie Ching, Ph.D. student from the Biology Department, joins us for a rotation. Welcome, Katie!

November, 2015

Alyssa Kaiser, Ph.D. student from the Cancer Biology program, joins us for a rotation. Welcome, Alyssa!

November, 2015

Emily passes her qualifying exam!

November, 2015

Dan's paper on Mdm1 is published.

October, 2015

Roberta, Olga, Emily and Claire going for the gold in the pumpkin competition.

September, 2015

Claire Baumer, Ph.D. student from the Biology Department, joins us for a rotation. Welcome, Claire!

September, 2015

Albert Hinman, Ph.D. student from the Genetics Department, joins us for a rotation. Welcome, Albert!

September, 2015

Our HHMI EXROP summer student Eirini Tsekitsidou departs to finish her degree at Smith College. Good luck, Eirini!

September, 2015

Jon Geisinger joins the lab after finishing his Ph.D. in the Calos lab at Stanford. Welcome, Jon!

August, 2015

Erin's paper on zeta-tubulin is published.

July, 2015

Krishna Kumar Vasudevan joins the lab after finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Georgia. Welcome, Krishna!

July, 2015

Emily Kolenbrander from the Developmental Biology program joins the lab. Welcome, Emily!

June, 2015

Sara Brownell's paper on the Bio 44X lab course is published.

April, 2015

Erin Turk defends her thesis "Characterization of Zeta-tubulin and Discovery of the ZED Tubulin Module." Congratulations, Erin!

January, 2015

A new lab picture for 2015 - Happy New Year!

December, 2014

Erin wins a poster award at the GSA Xenopus Conference. Congratulations, Erin!

October, 2014

Miranda pops the cork after passing her qualifying exam. Congratulations, Miranda!

October, 2014

W.E. Moerner, our collaborator on several projects, wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry!

October, 2014

Elif's paper on the sperm centrosome proteomics is published.

October, 2014

Yin Loon's paper on Cby1 at the ciliary transition zone is published.

June, 2014

Dan channels the awesome power of MTECs in his thesis defense. Congratulations, Dan!

May, 2014

Farewell to Elif, who is starting her own lab at Koc University in Istanbul, and Yin Loon, who is beginning a postdoc in Singapore. Good luck to both!

May, 2014

Irene defends her thesis. Congratulations Irene!

April, 2014

Tim's Preview about a paper from Jordan Raff's lab is published.

April, 2014

Miranda Stratton joins the lab, and receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship - congratulations Miranda!

March, 2014

Joanna's paper on centrosome signaling in leukemia is published.

March, 2014

Elif's paper on proximity interactions in the centrosome is published.

January, 2014

Yin Loon Lee defends his thesis. Congratulations Yin Loon! Awesome cupcakes courtesy of Joanna Lee.

December, 2013

Dinner at the ASCB meeting in New Orleans with lab members past and present.

November, 2013

An interview with Jamie about the Bio44X lab course.

October, 2013

Christian and Tim's Preview about a paper from Huttner's lab published in Cell (the madeleine makes an appearance).

October, 2013

Two papers with collaborators published: Tim Stowe's paper with the Zhong lab in Nature and Ramona Hoh's paper with Fraser Tan and the Krasnow lab in Development.

August, 2013

Irán Román, HHMI EXROP summer student working with Jamie Imam, with his poster on analyzing p53 mutants in yeast.

March, 2013

Joanna's paper on FOP1 and centriolar satellites is published.

December, 2012

Two papers on cilium biology published: Ramona's paper in PLoS One and Johanna's paper in Molecular Biology of the Cell.

October, 2012

Olga Cormier's awesome centrosome-pumpkin wins Biology Dept. "Best Use of Science" Pumpkin Award!

September, 2012

Moe's paper on supernumerary centrosomes and ciliary signaling is out in Current Biology.

September, 2012

Tim Stowe's paper on Cep72 and centriolar satellites is out in Molecular Biology of the Cell.

August, 2012

Ariana Sanchez, SSRP summer student, with her mentor Elif Firat-Karalar.

August, 2012

Kerry Wang, SIMR summer student, with her mentor Erin Turk.

August, 2012

Moe does one last experiment on supernumerary sausage before leaving for a faculty position at Washington University.

June, 2012

Johanna Schaub defends her thesis - Congratulations Johanna!

June, 2012

Joanna Lee defends her thesis - like the cake says, Congratulations Joanna!

June, 2012

Lana and Yin Loon's paper on STED imaging of centrioles is out.

March, 2012

Charlie Anderson's paper with Sara Temiyasathit and other members of the Jacobs lab is out.

January, 2012

Moe is a winner in the ATCC photo contest, with his entry, "Andy Warhol Paints Cells."

December, 2011 - Holiday Party

December, 2011

Tim blowtorch-ing sous-vide steak for the Stearns lab 2011 holiday party.

November, 2011

Elif Firat-Karalar joins us as a new postdoc. Welcome Elif!

August, 2011

Yorleny Vicioso, summer 2011 HHMI EXROP student, with her poster and mentors, Erin and Irene.

July, 2011

Tim Stowe leaves for brainier pursuits in his postdoc at UCSF.

April, 2011

Emily's review on the secret life of centrioles.

January, 2011

Happy New Year to all, and to all an awesome white elephant gift.

October-November, 2010

A JCB doubleheader: Moe's paper on Cep120 in the October 18 issue and Emily's paper on Cep152 in the November 15 issue.

September, 2010

Stearns lab getting some sun at the Genetics Department Retreat volleyball tournament.

August, 2010

Tim Stowe and Irma Rangel Alarcon tie the knot. Congratulations T and Irma!

August, 2010

Emily Hatch cuts the cake after her thesis defense. Congratulations Emily!

June, 2010

See a video of Tim interviewed by Sabbi Lall from Nature Press at the 75th Cold Spring Harbor Symposium.

May, 2010

Nolan Ko and Jamie Tam model their awesome "Stearns Lab" caps. Nolan is leaving for a job with Algenol Biofuels, and Jamie for grad school at the Univ. of Michigan.

January, 2010

Read the report on the ASCB Workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that Tim organized.