Shirley Bi

Shirley BiShirley Bi

Life Science Research Professional 1

Shirley obtained a B.S. in Bioengineering and a B.S. in Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley. There, she worked with hPSC organoid models at Prof. David V. Schaffer’s lab, employing optogenetics to investigate the function of Wnt signaling in 2D and 3D culture. Through this work, it was discovered that the canonical Wnt signaling pathway plays a vital role in self-segregation of epithelial and mesenchymal domains during embryogenesis, and anterior-posterior axis patterning of the central nervous system during neurogenesis.

At the Steinmetz lab, Shirley will optimize novel TAP-seq methodologies developed by the Steinmetz group to map whole-chromosome enhancer/gene pairs as well as costimulatory domain interactions in CAR-T cell populations. Broadly, she hopes to use transcriptome sequencing technology to understand the effects of perturbations in signaling pathway domains with applications to disease and therapeutic efficacy.

E-mail: szbi[at]