Selected Publications

An Evaluation of High-Throughput Approaches to QTL Mapping in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Wilkening, S., Lin, G., Fritsch, E.S., Tekkedil, M.M., Anders, S., Kuehn, R., Nguyen, M., Aiyar, R.S., Proctor, M., Sakhanenko, N.A., Galas, D.J., Gagneur, J., Deutschbauer, A. & Steinmetz, L.M. Genetics (2013) PubMed | DOI

Genotype-environment interactions reveal causal pathways that mediate genetic effects on phenotype. Gagneur, J., Stegle, O., Zhu, C., Jakob, J., Tekkedil, M.M., Aiyar, R.S., Schuon, A.K., Pe’er, D. & Steinmetz, L.M.  PLoS Genetics (2013) PubMed | DOI

Extensive transcriptional heterogeneity revealed by isoform profiling. Pelechano, V., Wei, W. & Steinmetz, L.M. Nature (2013) Apr 24. PubMed | DOI

The Genomic and Transcriptomic Landscape of a HeLa Cell Line. Landry, J.J., Pyl, P.T., Rausch, T., Zichner, T., Tekkedil, M.M., Stütz, A.M., Jauch, A., Aiyar, R.S., Pau, G., Delhomme, N., Gagneur, J., Korbel, J.O., Huber, W. & Steinmetz, L.M.  G3: Genes | Genomes | Genetics (2013) Mar 26. PubMed | DOI

Experimental relocation of the mitochondrial ATP9 gene to the nucleus reveals forces underlying mitochondrial genome evolution. Bietenhader, M., Martos, A., Tetaud, E., Aiyar, R.S., Sellem, C., Kucharczyk, R., Clauder-Muenster, S., Giraud, M.F., Godard, F., Salin, B., Sagot, I., Gagneur, J., Dequard-Chablat, M., Contamine, V., Hermann-Le Denmat, S., Sainsard-Chanet, A., Steinmetz, L.M.* & di Rago, J.P.*  PLoS Genet. (2012) Aug 16.  PubMed | DOI

Antisense expression increases gene expression variability and locus interdependency. Xu, Z., Wei, W., Gagneur, J., Clauder-Muenster, S., Smolik, M., Huber, W. & Steinmetz, L.M.  Mol. Systems Biology (2011) Feb 15;7:468. PubMed | DOI |  F1000 Evaluation

Dissecting the genetic basis of resistance to malaria parasites in Anopheles gambiae. Blandin, S.A., Wang-Sattler, R., Lamacchia, M., Gagneur, J., Lycett, G., Ning, Y., Levashina, E.A. & Steinmetz, L.M.  Science (2009) 326:147–150. PubMed | DOI

Bidirectional promoters generate pervasive transcription in yeast. Xu, Z., Wei, W., Gagneur, J., Perocchi, F., Clauder-Muenster, S., Camblong, J., Guffanti, E., Stutz, F., Huber, W., & Steinmetz, L.M.  Nature (2009) 457, 1033–1037. PubMed | DOI

High-resolution mapping of meiotic crossovers and noncrossovers in yeast. Mancera, E., Bourgon, R., Brozzi, A., Huber, W. & Steinmetz, L.M. Nature 454, 479–485 (2008). PubMed | DOI | F1000 Evaluation

A high-resolution map of transcription in the yeast genome. David, L., Huber, W., Granovskaia, M., Toedling, J., Palm, C. J., Bofkin, L., Jones, T., Davis R.W. & Steinmetz, L.M.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (2006) 103, 5320–5325. PubMed | DOI | F1000 Evaluation