Registration open for Personalized Health Stanford | EMBL Conference

Registration is now open for the 2019 Precision Health: Molecular Basis, Technology and Digital Health , which will take place in EMBL Heidelberg on November 13-16 2019.

Scientific Organisers:

  • Lars Steinmetz
  • Judith Zaugg
  • Russ B. Altman
  • Michael Snyder

Please register through this link.

Personalized Health conference

We foresee a time when the genomes of each of us will be sequenced at birth to enable the prediction and prevention of genetic diseases. However, genome sequence information is not sufficient. To strive to maintain wellness we need to integrate periodic measurements about our health status through the use of omic and biosensor technologies and, most importantly, we need to understand the molecular mechanisms that translate our differences in terms of genomic sequence and environmental experiences into the differences in disease predispositions and other medically relevant traits.

Towards this end we invite the leading scientists from different fields in basic biomedical research to clinical applications to discuss the most recent advances in the field of personalised health. The conference will cover the molecular basis of health and disease, experimental models to develop and validate systems-wide medical approaches before bringing them into humans, and clinical as well as ethical issues that must be considered to bring these new approaches into the public health.

This conference is organized by the Life Science Alliance, a Stanford | EMBL collaboration, and offers an unusually rich opportunity to hear from and interact with leaders in the efforts towards molecular approaches to personalized health from all over the world.