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Starting up the GUI

The sunplot GUI can be started while a simulation is running as long as the data files are not empty. To view the data with the default settings in a given directory, use

./sunplot --datadir=examples/boundaries/data
This will bring up a planview of the salinity data at the first time step $n=1$ in the upper layer $k=1$ (note that the GUI does not use C-style indexing, so the first index starts at k=1). If more than one processor is being viewed, that should be specified at the command line, as in
./sunplot -np 8 --datadir=examples/boundaries/data
For multiprocessor output, the processors being displayed will start at 0 and end at np-1. For example, for a 64 processor job, the command
./sunplot -np 3 --datadir=examples/boundaries/data
will show data on processors 0, 1, and 2.